Sad But True–Nice Girls End Up Single

Sad But True–nice Girls End Up Single

The dating world is tough, and it's even tougher for good girls. Luck consistently favors bad girls in matters of love. But why is that?

Shouldn't girls who can make perfect wives come out on top every time they try to find love? Why do perfectly nice girls finish single?

To shed light on this matter, here are some things to remember.

1. They Are Magnets For The Wrong Guys

Unfortunately, nice girls attract the wrong guys. Men who like to manipulate and take advantage seem to be the only kind that crosses paths with nice girls.


Obviously, such relationships don't go well, and this girl can feel very unlucky in love. But it's tragic that these girls, with all their selflessness and care, end up in the hands of manipulative jerks.

2. Getting Attached Too Quickly

When a nice girl falls in love, they fall hard. This scares many guys as they feel suffocated by such situations.


3. They Think Guys Are As Good As They Are

Nice girls think the world is full of nice people. However, the reality of this misconception rarely sinks in until they realize that most guys they meet cannot attain this standard.

4. Clinginess

To be fair, they don't do it on purpose. Good girls just get a little too attached given how emotional and loving they can be with those they care about. Their desire to remain close to their lovers really comes from a good place, but guys think the worst of it. That is why many guys walk away feeling that the relationship is "moving too fast."


5. They See The Best In People

Granted, this is a good thing. But when choosing a partner, it can be a terrible flaw because it means letting in the wrong guys in the blindness of love. Missing all the red flags while getting into a relationship is a terrible mistake in dating.

6. They Don't Put Themselves First

Nice girls are notorious for putting the guys in their lives first. That makes such guys take advantage of them. Also, many guys believe that they are too good for the girl as a result and will often dump her for someone else.


7. They're Nice All The Time

Nice girls love being nice. They think that's all they can offer, which is not true. These women also have exciting hobbies and interests that can really add excitement to the relationship. But they ignore them, which is why they usually can't keep guys interested for long.

8. They Go All In

Nice girls do not understand how to hold back. Once she is into a guy, she will give him her all. This over-involvement often makes her blind to signs that the relationship is not worth pursuing.


9. They Aren't As Nice As They Think They Are

Many nice women think they are very nice, but they are actually not. It's just an act so that guys can chase them. Some guys realize this after getting in deep with them.

10. They Look Like "Friends"

A good girl will be down for whatever, in most cases. Other girls are not like this. For this reason, many guys don't see them as girlfriend material. Another problem is that these girls don't know how to flirt and make guys see they have more to offer than just friendship. This has confined many of them to the dreaded "friend zone."


There are many reasons nice girls rarely hit the jackpot in matters of love. While many of them are actually nice girls who misjudge people, get attached too fast, or get misunderstood, others are just faking niceness to attract guys before revealing their true colors.