Ryan Gosling Says He Got Into "Trouble" For "Real" Sex Scene With Michelle Williams In Blue Valentine

In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling revealed that he faced some backlash for a sex scene with Michelle Williams in the 2010 film "Blue Valentine." The scene in question features Gosling's character, Dean, performing oral sex on Williams' character, Cindy, and Gosling has stated that the scene felt very authentic to him.

Ryan Gosling Described "Blue Valentine" As An "Anti-romance"

Ryan Gosling shared in an interview with The Guardian that he was excited to portray a realistic, albeit toxic and dysfunctional, relationship in "Blue Valentine." He explained that the director, Derek Cianfrance, wanted the film to showcase people's flaws and to depict a more authentic version of romance. Gosling expressed enthusiasm for this approach to the film.


The Sex Scene In Question Nearly Got "Blue Valentine" An NC-17 Rating

According to Gosling, the sex scene in "Blue Valentine" felt genuine and authentic because it wasn't rehearsed or polished. He stated that this lack of artifice is why the scene caused some controversy, saying "The sex felt real – it wasn't sexy or 'a sex scene', and that's why we got into trouble."


He Went On To Say That It Likely Felt So Real Since He Acted It So Well

Ryan Gosling considers his performance in "Blue Valentine" to be some of his best work, and believes that it should be recognized as such. He specifically mentioned the sex scene, stating that he shouldn't be punished for doing a good job in it.

"Blue Valentine" Was Extremely Critically Acclaimed

Both Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams received numerous accolades for their roles in "Blue Valentine," including Golden Globe nominations for both actors. Williams was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, among other awards.


The film was widely recognized and praised, with both Gosling and Williams receiving nominations from various organizations such as the Casting Society of America, the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Gotham Independent Film Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards, and the London Film Critics Circle Awards.