Russo Blogger Nearly Has Her Face Sucked Off By Octopus After Trying To Eat It On Camera

Russo Blogger Nearly Has Her Face Sucked Off By Octopus After Trying To Eat It On Camera

Online influencers with dangerous and ridiculous challenges have become a global phenomenon. This week, a Chinese live-streaming host has been left horror-struck as she tried filming herself eating an octopus while it was still alive.

However, what she thought was fun turned out to be a horrific experience for her. This eight-armed creature ended up attacking the woman. She almost got her face torn off.

The octopus tried to fight off the attempted diner by attaching itself to the woman's face with its eight suckers. The Chinese woman screamed with pain as she tried removing the creature from her face.

The video was posted online on Kuaishou Chinese video platform.

As the woman brought the creature near her face, the octopus latched on her using its tentacles and started sucking her skin off.

An octopus uses its tentacles to defend itself from attacks or to catch its prey. It wraps its arms around an animal and then sucks its flesh.

A mature pacific octopus has around 280 suckers on every arm. According to statistics, these suckers contain thousands of chemical receptors.

The video of this woman trying to eat an alive octopus is 50 seconds long. It was filmed by "Seaside Girl Little Seven," a Vlogger on Kuaishou. Platform.

In the first few seconds of the video, the octopus stuck its suckers on the woman's face. But she doesn't seem to get frightened at first.

She can be heard shouting to her fans, as she tries to remove a tentacle from her lip:

"Look how hard it's sucking."

She then screams out in front of the camera, "I can't remove it!" as she uses her strengths to pull off the animal from her cheek.

Her face was almost distorted before the octopus gave in and detached from her.

She regains her confidence and tells the audience:

"I'll eat it in the next video!"

But when she looks at her face, she realizes that the creature had sucked her face such that it left a wound on the cheek.

She tells the viewers:

"My face is disfigured."

This video blogger is from Lianyungang city in China. She loves eating seafood, as she stated in her Kuaishou account.

She has eaten various seafood, including Lobster and Crayfish, in her previous shows, which she started filming two weeks ago.

Her online viewers show no sympathy for her. Even when she was filming this video, trying to eat an alive octopus, her audience can be heard laughing at her stupidity.

On a social media platform, similar to Twitter, called Liying Bao Yuyin, one of the user comments:

"She deserves it. She tried to eat the octopus and the octopus tried to eat her too."

Another user called 'Di Ke Tou' added:

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

According to the scientist, octopus arms have small suction cups, which help in maintaining powerful grips.

And in each sucker, it's attached to the tentacles by a masculine joint that can rotate the suckers in any direction.

Octopuses have no bones, and they can squeeze themselves through tight spaces. They're amazing creatures, so some scientists speculate that they're aliens. But these theories have been disputed by many.