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Russian Millionaire Flies 450 Miles So He Can Eat At McDonald's

russian millionaire flies 450 miles so he can eat at mcdonald’s

Would you spend £2,000 for a chance to dig your teeth into the all-famous Big Mac? A Russian millionaire just did, proving beyond doubt how dire food cravings can get.

Viktor Martynov spent all that money traveling amid the current Western sanctions on Crimea just for a chance to walk into a McDonald's.

The 33-year-old millionaire was enjoying his holiday in Crimea with his girlfriend. Crimea was annexed from Ukraine by Vladimir Putin back in 2014.


Ever since the country has been slapped with sanctions. For one, Western companies like McDonald's are not allowed to operate in the region.

That has to suck for any Crimean who loves the Big Mac. But if you are a millionaire, then it's apparently nothing to worry about.

To make this legendary trip in food history, the man had to charter a helicopter. He went to all this trouble to have a taste of what many people consider everyday food.


Viktor made his money through a private yacht. At the time the unstoppable food cravings hit him, he was at the Black Sea resort in Alushta.

russian millionaire flies 450 miles so he can eat at mcdonald's

However, the closest place he could get fast food was Krasnodar, which was a whole 450 miles away. He decided to make the trip and deal with his cravings once and for all.

So, the millionaire made a 450-mile round trip for a chance to enjoy the Big Mac, some French fries, and milkshakes.

Needless to say, people were curious about his devotion to the Big Mac, and he had this to say:


"This is how it was - I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Alushta. We had a craving for normal Moscow food..."

"We decided to board a helicopter, fly to Krasnodar and go to McDonald's, we had a meal there and got back."

See! This was just a simple decision made in the heat of the moment. So, it is nothing to be concerned about if you are a millionaire with lots of money at your disposal.