Runny Mascara And Other Struggles Of Being A Girl Who Cries A Lot

It looks like it's happening again. Your cheeks start to flush, a pang hits your chest, and your eyes start to sting. You try your best to hold it back, but you know the tears are inevitable. You can relate to this because you're someone who cries frequently. It's not intentional, and you don't enjoy it, but it's just how you react. It seems like every emotion you feel triggers your tear ducts. As a result, you've dealt with challenges that other "tougher" girls might not comprehend.

1. You're an ugly crier, and it's embarrassing

You can't help but feel envious of actresses in movies who cry with such elegance. They weep softly, looking gorgeous, with their makeup staying intact, gentle tears trickling down their cheeks, and crying quietly. However, that's not how you cry. Your tears come out in heaving sobs, your eyes get puffy, your makeup smears down your face, and you start sniffling and gasping for air.

2. Mascara is out of the question

Waterproof makeup isn't enough for you. You need to carry extra makeup in your purse to reapply, but most of the time, you don't bother because you know it won't last. You never know when you might start crying, so you don't want to risk having mascara smudging all over your face.

3. Nobody takes you seriously

It's happened multiple times before. You go into your boss's office, ready to discuss a work-related issue like a professional. However, the moment you start speaking, tears start streaming down your face. It's difficult to be taken seriously in the workplace when you can't even have a conversation without becoming too emotional. Or what about that time when you tried to have an important discussion with your boyfriend, but you choked on your words and started crying? Tears seem to undermine your credibility and make you appear weak and irrational. Some people might even label you as "crazy." If only you could control your tears.

4. You've ruined the sleeves of all your favorite shirts

One would assume that by now you've learned to carry extra tissues, but that's not always the case. There have been several instances where you've cried uncontrollably, but tissues were nowhere to be found. What's the alternative? Your favorite shirt sleeve, naturally. It's not unusual to find mascara stains on your sleeves in the closet. You may have even walked around with snot on your sleeve for an entire day. It's not the most pleasant sight!

5. You lose every argument

Whether it's due to not being taken seriously or being unable to express your thoughts coherently while crying, you never come out on top in a heated discussion. You may have great points in your head, but once they're coupled with tears and spoken aloud, they lose their impact entirely.

6. Your eyes are perma-swollen

The redness on your face lingers for a while after crying. Even after you've finished weeping, looking like the most unattractive person on earth, you can expect to appear like you've been in a car accident for the rest of the day. People will continue to ask you what's wrong, even if you've forgotten why you were crying in the first place.

7. You cry at the wrong situations, and it's awkward

You can't control it. Sometimes, tears unexpectedly flow, and you can't even fathom why you're weeping. However, you're recognized for crying at inappropriate times, be it during a professional meeting, a comedy performance, or when someone else is sharing their issues. You've shed tears when you're envious, when someone attempted to do something kind for you, and when you're meant to be thrilled. Sadly, there's no predicting what will make you cry, and there's no way to explain it to anyone either.

8. No one can understand what you're saying

Have you ever attempted to speak while gasping for breath between sobs? It's not a pleasant sight. Your words get caught in your throat, and when they eventually emerge, they're barely audible.

9. Crying is your default reaction

Regardless of what emotions you're experiencing, your body's default response is crying. Uncertain how to react? Cry. Unclear about what you're feeling? Cry. Happy? Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Excited? Nervous? It doesn't make a difference. You're going to cry.

10. Nobody cares anymore

If someone is familiar with you, they are aware that you cry frequently. As time goes on, people stop caring when you cry. They don't bother to ask if you're all right because they realize it's a regular happening. Nobody feels guilty anymore because they know that even the smallest thing could have set off the tears. Like the story of the boy who cried wolf, no one will rush to your aid every time you shed a tear.

11. You have to skip out on sad movies

You skip chick flicks during girls' nights because you'll cry through the whole movie. You even Google movies before dates to avoid crying, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes even the previews make you cry.

12. You awkwardly cry in public

Public breakdowns can be embarrassing and awkward, especially when strangers start to approach you. Whether it's a sad commercial on the radio while riding public transport or a nostalgic song playing on your iPod while walking down the street, you've had your fair share of teary moments in public. Despite your efforts to hold back the tears, it's not uncommon for strangers to ask if you're okay, with some offering unwanted attention or consolation.

13. Everyone always thinks you're sad

Despite crying being associated with sadness, it's not always the case. You cry when you're happy, frustrated, or excited too. Unfortunately, when you cry frequently, people tend to assume you're upset even when you're actually feeling joyful. It's frustrating to be misunderstood based on a stereotype.