Runner Comes Last In 400m Dash After His "Penis Came Out In The Middle Of The Race"

Runner Comes Last In 400m Dash After His "Penis Came Out In The Middle Of The Race"

The world was treated to a somewhat unfortunate scene during the 400-meter race during the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships.

Alberto Nonino was part of the race in Cali, Colombia. The race started well, but as the race progressed, people realized that Nonino's genital area was bothering him.

He kept reaching down to this part of his body, and sports journalist David Sanchez explained what was happening. The journalist pointed out that Nonino's penis kept falling out as he ran.

Sanchez went into further detail about the hilarious incident:

"Perhaps I've explained myself poorly. His penis escaped out of the side of his shorts, and he had to hold it because it wasn't allowing him to run properly, which is normal when your dongle is swinging from side to side."

The runner was desperate to take care of the problem as he ran, but nothing was going his way. Even though he was near the front of the race when the competition began, he fell back over time and finished last.

By the time he crossed the finish line, 51.57 seconds had passed.

Most people would be embarrassed by such a situation, but Nonino is not letting the unfortunate predicament dampen his spirits. On Instagram, he talked about his unfortunate incident on Instagram Story:

"I just want to talk to you a little bit about the rumpus there's been on blogs and social media in general."

He explained that what happened was an accident and that he was aware of the reactions the incident had received. He asked people to stop sending him links to blogs discussing the issue.

Nonino went on to say that he was trying to laugh about it. However, soon after it happened, he "felt terrible."

He is now thankful to friends and family for helping him get over the experience hours after the incident.

The 18-year-old athlete said he was fortunate to have been a resilient person since such an incident would devastate most people.

He lamented that the field of journalism likes to talk about bullying in Italy and all over the world, yet they have no qualms about publishing the story despite being of a more sensitive nature. As far as Nonino is concerned, what they did could cause much damage.

The athlete was racing as part of a decathlon, whereby athletes have to take part in a 100-meter sprint, long jump, shot-put, high jump, a 400-meter run, 110-meter hurdles, pole vault, discus, javelin, and a 1,500-meter race.