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RumChata Has Released A Lemon Flavor That Will Transport You To Summer

Rumchata Has Released A Lemon Flavor That Will Transport You To Summer

Picture the scene. You're lying by the pool – or maybe you're even floating on a huge inflatable unicorn in the pool. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and in your hand is a chilled lemon RumChata. That's right, lemon RumChata.

While we all may be stuck inside right now, there will be a time when we'll all be strolling on beaches and sippin' on drinks.

Summer Time

If you haven't heard of it already, RumChata is a cream-based liqueur. While it's usually flavored with cinnamon and vanilla, now the good folks at RumChata have given us a summer version that will instantly transport you to the beach.


RumChata is the perfect mixer, but it can also be enjoyed all by itself. Think of it like Bailey's Irish Cream, but for the warmer months. If Bailey's is our go-to in winter, then this new lemon RumChata is definitely top of our lists for summer.

Trust me - just one sip of RumChata's new lemon flavor will transport you to blue skies and better times.

Beach Ready

Excitingly, the new RumChata lemon flavor comes in super cute packaging that will instantly make you think of the beach. The new bottle is bright yellow and very snap-worthy. Seriously, you'll be staging all kinds of photoshoots.


With just one swig, RumChata lemon will transport you from your couch, straight to the beach. Even if you're stuck indoors, the super citrusy taste will take you poolside.

Thankfully, at 14% ABV, RumChata packs a punch as well as lots of great flavor. The tasty new lemon flavor comes in a 750ml bottle and will set you back only $20.

Cocktail Hour

And let me tell you, there are so many options for how to enjoy your new RumChata lemon flavour liqueur.


Of course, you could do it the old fashioned way and enjoy a shot of summer in a glass. Shots, shots, shots!

Or, how about mixing it up and creating some seriously summery cocktails. You could create a lemon cupcake cocktail, full of sweetness and zing. Or maybe you could add something a bit stronger and enjoy a creation all of your own!

Could I offer you a RumChata on the Beach? Or perhaps a RumChata Ice Tea? Seriously, the world is your oyster with this delicious summer drink.


Perhaps you're more of an after-dinner drinks kinda' gal. Well, may I suggest adding a swig of RumChata lemon to your coffee or tea? Now hear me out, lemon in tea is definitely a thing, and Bailey's Irish Cream in coffee is definitely a thing. So do you see where I'm going with this?

While we're all trapped indoors it can feel that summer is a long way off, even if it's nice and bright outside. Thankfully, RumChata lemon brings the taste of summer to you.


No matter how you enjoy it, RumChata's new lemon flavor instantly transports you to sunnier climates. Chin chin!