Rose McGowan Accuses Filmmaker Alexander Payne Of Sexual Misconduct

Rose Mcgowan Accuses Filmmaker Alexander Payne Of Sexual Misconduct

Rose McGowan has accused director Alexander Payne of sexual misconduct in a chain of tweets on Monday morning.

"Alexander Payne." She addressed her words to him. " You sat me down & played a soft-core porn movie you directed for Showtime under a different name. I still remember your apartment in Silverlake. You are very well-endowed. You left me on a street corner afterward. I was 15."


In another tweet, the Charmed actress shared a picture of herself at age 15 and said: " I just want an acknowledgment and an apology. I do not want to destroy. This was me at 15."

The actress recalled what seems to be the same incident in 2018 during a conversation with Ronan Farrow, according to The Cut. During the conversation, she told Farrow she had experienced statutory rape at the hands of 'a prominent man in Hollywood.'


However, she didn't give away the name at the time, but she said that he took her home, showed her an inappropriate movie, and engaged with her in a sexual way. She also said that she played off the incident as a 'sexual experience.'

According to The Cut, Farrow confirmed that McGowan had revealed the man's identity to him off the record, but she wasn't ready to name him publicly.

On Monday, the actress posted a lengthy statement on Instagram about this incident, saying 'I now know I was groomed.'


Later on Monday, McGowan provided further details about her alleged encounter with Payne to Variety. She said:

I feel very badly for my 15-year-old self. I had auditioned for him. He took me home afterward. I quit acting after that and then was discovered by Ilene Staple six years later.

It wasn't until after the Harvey Weinstein stories came out that I reframed the Payne of it all. I had for years looked at it as a sexual encounter, not understanding what it really was. It was a grooming situation. The first time I'd been shown a straight porn.


The actress added that she feels 'extreme emotional exhaustion' after sharing the story.

In the late 1980s, McGowan moved to Los Angeles, which was about the same time director Payne started bringing in regular directing credits. His first project was 1985's Carmen.


When she was asked why she made the allegation against Payne now, she wrote: "It just came over me. It was time."


The actress has emerged as a prominent voice in the #MeToo movement and was one of many women who accused Weinstein, 68, of sexual misconduct.

After the New York Times revealed that Weinstein paid her a $100,000 settlement after an alleged incident in a hotel room during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, McGowan said the movie mogul had raped her.

Weinstein, who denied the allegations of non-consensual sex, was convicted on two rape and harassment charges involving other women.