Rookie Cop Gives Lieutenant Lap Dance At Police Force's Wild Holiday Party

An investigation was opened following a holiday party hosted by the NYPD, as a rookie officer was caught on camera giving a lap dance to her lieutenant, identified as Lt. Nick McGarry of the 44th Precinct. The incident took place at a bar in Yonkers, New York.

This Is The Definition Of Inappropriate Behaviour

Adding to the controversy, Lt. Nick McGarry, the recipient of the lap dance, is a married man. The onlookers at the Yonkers, New York bar where the party was held expressed their shock with cries of "Oh my God!" during the dance.

The Rookie Really Got Into Her Dance

The incident was not just a harmless, playful dance. The rookie cop appeared to be fully engaged in the lap dance, grinding against her married boss for an extended period of time. She even turned around and straddled him, while he put his hands on her thighs and she hooked up her skirt to get even closer. While the crowd reacted with shock, McGarry at least gave her a hug afterward. Nevertheless, this behavior is highly inappropriate and unprofessional, especially given the power dynamics at play.

Apparently, McGarry "Knows He F***ed Up"

According to a police source cited by the NY Post, it is a clear violation of professional conduct for a superior to engage in such behavior with their subordinate. The source further commented, "The rookie cop might not have known any better because she just joined the job, but incoming supervisors are repeatedly told about such misconduct."

Mcgarry Has Already Been Booted Out Of The 44th Precinct

An investigation by the NYPD is reportedly underway, and as a result, McGarry has been transferred to Transit District 12. The Lieutenants Benevolent Association and the Police Benevolent Association have declined to comment on the matter.