Romance Isn't Dead — Here's Definitive Proof

Many of us have heard the allegations that romance and chivalry are extinct. However, is this truly the case? While men may not be placing their coats on puddles for us to walk over, it doesn't imply that all is lost for those of us who consider ourselves hopeless romantics. Even women who are more relaxed still desire romance, and there is no reason to be ashamed of that. Fortunately, romance is still alive and well. Here are some reasons why we continue to have faith:

1. Ever since the 1990s, divorce rates are actually going down

Despite the pervasive notion in pop culture that half of all marriages end in divorce, recent data shows a much more positive outlook. A study by the New York Times reveals that the divorce rate has actually been on the decline since its peak in the 1970s. Social scientists now believe that nearly 70% of marriages will endure until death.

2. Valentine's Day spending continues to rise

Florists and chocolatiers would disagree with anyone claiming that chivalry is dead. In fact, according to a National Retail Federation study, Americans spent $23.9 billion on Valentine's Day in 2022, which is a $2.1 billion increase from the previous year and the second-highest spending year on record. So, it's clear that romance is still very much alive.

3. We're dating whoever we want to. We're not tied down by stereotypes about who we should love

Millennials are very supportive of interracial relationships, according to the Pew Research Center. A whopping 90% of respondents stated that they would be open to dating someone from a different ethnic background or having a family member or friend do so. In another study, Pew found that each generation is more accepting of same-sex relationships than the one before it. This shows that old stereotypes are not limiting us, which is a positive development.

4. Long-distance relationships are on the rise

Long distance relationships are perhaps the purest form of love, requiring dedication, self-restraint, selflessness, and a considerable amount of patience. The fact that so many individuals are willing to remain committed to their long-distance partners indicates a resolute desire to hold onto love and make it thrive despite obstacles. According to the 2017 US census, there has been a 44% rise in married couples living apart since the turn of the century. At the time of the census, the total was estimated to be around four million people, and that number continues to grow.

5. Guys all over the world are continuously wowing us with awesome, creative Proposals

Many men are elevating their proposal game and reaching new heights of romance. These individuals are exemplary models of grand gestures and affection. If you have longed for the day when your partner would propose, this trend should give you hope.

6. Even high schoolers are getting onto the romance train with "promposals"

Back in the 2000s, getting a prom date was often as straightforward as passing a note to your crush with a "Yes" or "No" checkbox at the bottom. The more romantic types would typically ask you in person, but only after receiving confirmation of your interest through friends. Nowadays, however, those vying for a prom date are expected to go all out with elaborate and creative "promposals" to woo their potential partners.

7. Cuddling has been scientifically proven to help cure headaches and migraines

It is indeed true that cuddling with your partner causes the brain to release oxytocin, which can effectively alleviate pain, particularly in the case of headaches and migraines. So, instead of reaching for medication, consider snuggling up with your loved one for a natural pain relief solution.

8. Men are doing more housework

Men are spending more time on household chores compared to previous generations, according to statistics. And what could be more romantic than your significant other folding laundry? In all seriousness, women find men who help with household chores attractive. Research by the Council On Contemporary Families reveals that couples who share housework equally have better and more frequent sex. Now that's a romantic incentive.

Things Good Guys Do To Prove Romance Isn't Dead

If the statistics mentioned above aren't enough to persuade you that romance is still alive and thriving, don't worry. Keep an eye out for men who do the following things, and they will undoubtedly rekindle your belief in love.

1. They make you feel beautiful

Even when you're covered in sweat after a workout, they still shower you with kisses, making you feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world, even when you know you look like a complete mess.

2. They make an effort with their appearance

Even if they despise wearing preppy, button-down shirts, they do it for you because they understand how much effort you put into your own appearance. They don't need to change who they are, but making an effort to clean up for special occasions is the least they can do to show you they care.

3. They stand up for you

Whether it's a stranger or even their own mother, chivalrous guys won't hesitate to defend your honor if someone makes a rude comment about you.

4. They do chores without being asked

Chivalrous partners will often tidy up your living space or do the dishes when they visit your home, just to make your life a little easier. What's even better is that they don't do it for the sake of receiving praise.

5. They make sure you get home safe

Even when they can't drive you home, they make sure you're safe by texting to check on you. If they don't get a response, they worry and can't rest until they know you're okay.

6. They buy gifts for your whole family

They don't just stop at buying a gift for you; they also make sure to get holiday gifts for your parents, siblings, and even your pet rabbits.

7. They keep you warm

They prioritize your comfort by keeping cozy blankets on the couch for you, turning up the heat in their car even when they're sweating, and letting you borrow their jacket. It's a selfless act that shows how much they care about you.

8. They go down on you

They delight you with oral unexpectedly, and once finished, they may not even seek to have intercourse. Their sole satisfaction lies in having pleased you.

9. They actually tell you how they feel

Rather than relying on Hallmark to express themselves, they take the time to pen their emotions inside your birthday cards. On any given day, they might even send you text messages declaring their unwavering affection for you, simply because they feel like it.

10. They remember the little things

Recalling your least preferred Skittles flavor isn't a necessity for them, but they do it anyway. Moreover, when they share a pack with you, they go the extra mile to pick out that flavor and ensure you never have to endure it.