Robot Is Gifted With Intelligence; Immediately Decides To Commit Suicide

robot is gifted with intelligence; immediately decides to commit suicide

There is always that awkward feeling about robots and their capabilities.

We always wonder what they would be able to do if they became sentient, intelligent beings like us, humans.

And people often might have irrational fears about some worst-case scenario. These thoughts often include mental images where robots have taken over the world, and human beings are their slaves.


But there is a reason why these are just some ordinary silly thoughts.

All Safe (For) Now

Some unfortunate events had shown that world domination isn't a part of robots' plans.

It looks like we are safe. At least for a while.

It Is Not Easy To Be A Robot

The lucky robot included in this story was the Knightscope Security robot.


This little guy was designed to guard the Georgetown Waterfront, a dazzling office space and shopping center in DC's Washington Harbour.

Temptation Of Life

To be able to do his only job, he was programmed with artificial intelligence.

The AI helped him to be able to roll around the center and maintain order by beeping, whistling, and turning to keep potential troublemakers in line.


Unfortunately, it seems like this job was too stressful for his gentle soul.

He couldn't take it. On Monday afternoon, the robot was found rolled into a fountain and drowned.

So much for a happy ending, huh?

We Know That Feeling, Pal

Could anybody have guessed that this would be a robot's first action after gaining sentience?


Well, there is a first time for everything indeed.

We are fully aware of how messed up this world is. And judging someone's decisions wouldn't be an option for sure.

Not The First One

For the record, this hasn't been the first problem that has occurred with security robots.

Rebel, Rebel

There has been another one, and oh boy - he had some dangerous rage inside him.


The robot had knocked over a 16-year-old boy and repeatedly ran it over. And another time, a drunk man had beaten the crap out of one of them.

Something Smells Fishy

It doesn't seem like these robots are trying to perform the job they are tasked with.

The suicides are just a confirmation of the thoughts, indeed.

A Plot For A Raise?

Could all of this be their plot to get a promotion and dominate the world?


Their rental fee per hour is about $7.

Maybe charging a bit more could be the key that would put an end to their suicidal chronicles.