Road Head: An Oral Sex Journey From Hot To Deadly

Road Head: An Oral Sex Journey From Hot To Deadly

Are you familiar with the thrill of public sex? If you are, there is a possibility you gave (or considered giving) a road head. Today we talk about the dangers of performing oral sex inside a moving vehicle.

What is Road Head?

Sex comes in many shapes in sizes. Chances are, you are not even remotely familiar with half of the things people around the world do to get off.

Oral sex in particular is a spicy little act that brings tons of pleasure to all parties. What's more, it is relatively easy to master, and we can all enjoy giving or getting head at pretty much any point of time and space.

Quite literally: anytime and anywhere.

But are all possible places that come to mind suitable for this visibly innocent sexual act? Not really.

Road head is a term used to describe the performance of oral sex in a moving car. It is a whole cultural concept that was generously covered in movies, TV shows, songs, and more.

But what is so fun about it? Let's take a road towards giving and getting head on the go.

Why Do People Enjoy Getting A Road Head?

First, we will look at it from the driver's seat. It is pretty obvious that receiving oral sex feels good, but how can driving make it better?

There are several contributing factors. Mainly it is the thrill of combining things that don't normally go together.

Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and at times it can get pretty dull. Having this kind of entertainment would wake anyone up, no matter how long the trip is.

Plus, there is always a possibility to get caught or be seen. Public sex is a kink of many and road head definitely has that risky element to it.

To top it off, a driver who is enjoying this very special type of kiss most probably realizes the potential danger. Which brings sexual tension on a whole other level.

We will cover the danger factor in more detail later on. But before we do, let's shift into the passenger's seat and see what's in it for the giver.

Why Would You Give Road Head?

Road head enthusiasts consist of both receivers and let's call them providers of the act. And if getting orally pleased is pretty self-explanatory, the other half of the equation is not so obvious.

There is still the thrill of publicity and the risk of getting into all kinds of trouble. But according to research, what really makes the road head giver's blood boil is the sensation of control.

Technically, a person behind the wheel is controlling the situation, but when this unconventional type of oral sex takes place — the roles change.

Suddenly, someone who is supposed to be vulnerable has power over everything and that can absolutely make the deed slightly more fun.

Both partners will agree that road heads are not always planned. Sometimes they just come as a result of accumulated sexual tension that has to be released immediately.

But is it wise to follow your instincts so carelessly? What is it about dangerous sex that makes us lose our minds?

The Appeal Of Dangerous Sex

People have sex to procreate. That statement might have been true some ages ago, but we all know it isn't anymore.

We have sex for fun, which consists mostly of physical pleasure. Sometimes, however, other factors contribute to the overall enjoyment.

It's things like emotional connection, self-confidence boosting, status establishment, and so on.

For some people, that little cherry on top is the presence of the danger of any kind. It can be the risk to be caught or even a threat to your health or life.

This can be explained with one word: adrenaline. This hormone is produced when our mind feels the potential danger and causes us to breathe heavier, our blood to flow faster, our moves to be more precise.

Combine this with the initial thrill of oral sex and you've got a recipe for sensational orgasm. Sounds good? Oh, yes. But...

Oral Sex Experiments: Yay Or Nay

Sexual experimentation is important and even healthy. As we explore our own desires, we enter new levels of both pleasure and connection with our partners and ourselves.

As long as everything you do is consensual, you should feel free to push any limits you would like to push. There are virtually no boundaries.

In fact, you should consider trying new things even if you don't exactly feel the need for them. Many relationships, especially the long-term ones, can largely benefit from many types of spicy fun.

Specifically, oral sex is a spacious area to discover. While most men have it pretty much figured out, many ladies across the globe are yet to unravel the wonders of getting head.

Use the element of surprise and allow your partner to enjoy your special kisses when they least expect it. It can be in a public place or during an unusual time, up to you.

But is road head on that list of scouting for perfect oral sex combination? Let's see.

Road Head Can Be Dangerous

You probably already know this, but the ability to keep focus is one of the crucial characteristics for any driver. Driving a car might not seem like a hard task, but there are certainly a few things that need to stay under control.

Now, how focused are you when enjoying oral sex? If not sure, try to spell the alphabet backward next time you are about to orgasm. Or list as many European capitals as you can remember.

Slightly more challenging, isn't it?

Now add the factors of high speed, unexpected situations, other cars on the street, and the layout of the car itself. Just like that, we have the recipe for a cocktail I would call "Painful Death".

And that's not just your death we are talking about.

Deadly Oral Sex

Road head is usually performed on a freeway due to the limited amount of stops. But while any high-speed roads don't have too many signals, you know what they do have?

That's right, other cars.

Driving is more than making a car move. It is an act of participation in the overall movement.

This movement will include many other vehicles, including large trucks and small motorcycles. There are going to be school buses, cars with animals on board, and perhaps even ambulances.

Your decision to get nasty and give a road head automatically puts in danger everyone who happens to be around. And that is not so sexy.

In case you feel that life is a reasonable price to pay for sexual pleasure, consult a therapist. Combining sex with mortal danger is a dangerous sign that needs to be addressed.

To fight the urge to bow down towards your man's crotch in the middle of the road, consider playing a car game or discussing something completely random. Like taxes, for example.

Because even if you don't die, there are risks of getting severely injured. In a very unexpected way.

Road Head Injuries

Oral sex involves most of the mouthparts in the process. Do you know what one of those parts is? Teeth.

Now picture a dog appearing in the middle of the road. The driver's first reaction will be to hit the brakes.

And how will this affect the extra passionate passenger whose head is inconveniently located around the bottom of the steering wheel?

There are actually several possible scenarios. But for the most part they all result in severe damage.

Don't think that it is very painful to have your penis bitten? Imagine having to shave your private area with a sharp blade while watching a movie filled with jump scares. I think that's pretty close to how this feels.

The road head injuries might also include jaw displacement, head bumps with the steering wheel, fractured ribs, broken limbs, and so on.

Kind of a high price to pay for an orgasm, don't you think?

But if we can't enjoy the complex thrills of performing oral sex while driving, does it mean our sex lives are bound to be boring? Not at all.

Road Head Alternatives

Risky sex is a good idea, as long as the only people who are taking risks are the ones who are actually participating. Once again: consensually participating.

If you want to give road head a try and bring some color into the long drive, consider pulling over and going at it. The thrill of being caught is still going to be there and your road trip will definitely turn out more fun.

Limited space of the car is your turn on, but you are not exactly psyched with the idea of publicity? Try making your way to a deserted parking lot or a distant location, such as a beach or a forest.

Without the presence of unwanted eyes, your small oral sex adventure can turn into full-on wild lovemaking. And that's even better, right?

In case your source of the thrill is oral sex itself, think of other places where it can happen. For example, visit your sexual partner at work or lure him into the guest bathroom during a family gathering.

There are so many options to choose from. And all of those are equally exciting.

Just make sure that nobody is in any danger and go at it.

Driving Into The Sunset

Oral sex is an intimate and extremely pleasing activity. We all like getting some and many of us enjoy giving it as well.

Hopefully, you will reconsider initiating a road head and choose a safer way to enjoy your partner instead. Go ahead, put your head down, and make every moment count.