Rita Wilson Sets The Record Straight On Tom Hanks' 'Furious' Red Carpet Altercation

Rita Wilson has voiced her thoughts following the release of photos that seemingly depict Tom Hanks engaged in a heated argument with a staff member at the Cannes Film Festival.

The couple attended the premiere of Wes Anderson's new movie, Asteroid City, which features an impressive cast including Hanks, Matt Dillon, Maya Hawke, and Ed Norton.

As the paparazzi lined the red carpet, aiming to catch glimpses of the actors, some noticed Hanks appearing to have a disagreement with a staff member.

Widely shared pictures online captured Hanks and his wife, Wilson, engaged in conversation with someone, and their facial expressions seem to convey a considerable amount of anger.

Speculations arose that the Hollywood legend was giving the staffer a stern talking-to, leading some media outlets to label it as an "outburst."

However, Wilson has recently spoken up to clarify what actually took place during that moment.

In an Instagram post, the 66-year-old celebrity took the opportunity to address the situation and emphasized that it had been completely misunderstood.

Sharing a screenshot of one of the news stories featuring the photo, she expressed her thoughts:

"This is called I can't hear you. People are screaming. What did you say? Where are we supposed to go? But that doesn't sell stories!"

"We had a great time! Go and see Asteroid City!" the actor added.

Not too long ago, the public witnessed a rare display of anger from Hanks.

In a previous incident, Hanks and Wilson were being trailed by paparazzi on the streets when a fan accidentally tripped his wife.

While Wilson tried to recover, she raised her hands and pleaded for the intrusiveness to stop. However, Hanks took a more assertive stance to protect his wife and directly instructed the fans to:

"Back the f**k off... knocking over my wife."

"Come on," said one upset fan in response to the incident.

"Sorry about that, Tom!" shouted another person as the visibly upset actor was led into his car.

The couple had just finished a meal after attending a screening of the Elvis biopic, where Hanks portrays the legendary musician's manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

"You know you f****d up if you get cussed at by Tom Hanks," commented one fan, reflecting on the incident.

Another person speculated, "Imagine what an a**hole you'd feel like, being excited to see Tom Hanks and then you p**s him off."

"Imagine having to deal with that s**t, suppose having the millions in the banks makes it easier," added a third commenter.

"Holy s**t Tom Hanks angry and swearing. that's gotta be a first," wrote another individual.