Rikishi Is Training Rapper Bow Wow For His WWE Debut

Rikishi Is Training Rapper Bow Wow For His Wwe Debut

Bow Wow has decided to join the WWE. To prepare for his wrestling debut, he will be working with Rikishi, whose real name is Solofa F. Fatu Jr.

Rikishi was a major player during WWE's famous Attitude Era, and according to reports, he is very excited to train Bow Wow.

The 33-year old took to Twitter to reveal his plans.

After that, he also tweeted that he will drop his last album before focusing entirely on TV and film. In the tweet, he also explained that it has been a lifelong dream of his to wrestle at the WWE.

Bow Wow's real name is Shad Gregory Moss. Previously, he has appeared on Roll Bounce, Like Mike, and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

He has also had a successful music career spanning many years.

In preparation for his new career, Bow Wow is already talking smack on Twitter. In a tweet to the former NXT North American Champion, Damian Priest, he said:

"Tell your little pet bad bunny I've been watching… and I'm not impressed."

Damian responded telling Bow Wow that they were already living what the star was chasing. He also told him to "keep shooting blanks on Twitter" to which Bow Wow answered:

He also sent another tweet targeting wrestlers reminding them how big of a star he is. The celebrity claimed that they should be glad that he is willing to chat with them on Twitter since many of them have very few followers on the social media platform:

"… Most have like 70k followers. I'm actually helping you become a bigger name (million dollar man laugh) how you on RAW with 50k followers. Something not adding up."

However, before he can face these wrestlers in the ring, he will have to get in shape and learn a thing or two about the sport from Rikishi.