Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Launches Valentine's Day Lingerie Line For Men

Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Launches Valentine's Day Lingerie Line For Men

Rihanna sure does know how to surprise her fans. After showing off her pregnant belly during a freezing New York stroll, she revealed another addition to Savage X Fenty - lingerie for men.

According to Savage X Fenty lingerie's website, the collection "celebrates boldness, confidence, and inclusivity."

The collection for men is cheekily named Glossy Fossy, and it features daring, satin pieces in "Goji Berry Red." It is not your everyday lingerie, but something for special occasions, like Valentine's Day, anniversary, or when you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone.

Fans, as well as models included in the campaign, were in awe after seeing the first shots.

One person tweeted, "OH RIHANNA!"

A plus-size male model wrote:

"Superly excited to be blessed with the opportunity to model for @SavageXFenty, and I know they'll be more to come!"

Another person wrote:

"One thing about @rihanna and @SavageXFenty is that they listen! When she first put out the men's collection, we collectively said, 'girl we want more sexy ish, not just basic boxers and briefs.'"

"Now look…other brands should take note."

It is the truth, Rihanna always listens to her fans, who are also the ones buying her merchandise.

More fans praised Riri's latest collection by writing:

"Savage X Fenty making lingerie for men is something I can live for."

Many agreed that the lingerie is "really cute," and another said:

"Let me tell y'all something... @SavageXFenty men's underwear…TOP TIER!!! So damn comfortable and fly. My collection is getting full! #SavagexFenty."

Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Launches Valentine's Day Lingerie Line For Men

It is true: Rihanna's pieces are sexy but not threatening, and there is no denying that the quality is impressive, as is with Riri's ultra-popular makeup brand.

The first Savage X Fenty store was opened in Las Vegas this year. The upcoming locations are Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

The singer/designer wrote on Instagram:

"2022, we coming in HOT! we bout to bring you a whole new #SavageXFenty experience with the launch of our brick-and-mortar retail stores!"

She added:

"Can't believe it's that time, and I can't wait for you to have this experience irl…. our very first locations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. watch the @savagexfenty feed for details."

Since everything Riri touches turns to gold, one commentator joked:

"RIHTAIL will never be the same!"