Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Having A Girl? Rihanna's Dad Is Team Granddaughter!

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Rihanna showed her pregnant belly in a way that shocked us, and yet, it was so Riri of her. There was no statement, no big announcement, just an outfit that spoke thousands of words.

We know now that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are expecting a baby, but many were quick to point out that Riri wore a barbie Pink puffer jacket. Of course, she looked terrific, but was she also telling the world that she was having a baby girl?


Paired with low waist jeans and The Rolex King Mida, Rihanna and ASAP seemed relaxed, enjoying their winter walk through NYC.

Riri's dad, Ronald Fenty, said she gave him the thumbs up before going public with her pregnancy. The grandpa-to-be also revealed that he met A$AP several times and believes that the two will be amazing parents.


Ronald Fenty also said he hopes it's a baby girl. Of course, maybe he said because he already has two grandsons, but we choose to believe that this statement plus that pink jacket are a statement.

We are glad that Rihanna and her father are on good terms now. In 2019, she was forced to sue Ronald for trying to use her brand name for his profit.

While everybody is busy talking about her pregnancy, Riri used this time to present more new additions from Fenty Beauty.