Ricky Martin Is "Accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

Ricky Martin could spend up to 50 years behind bars if found guilty of incest. His 21-year-old nephew has made scandalous accusations against him.

Earlier this month, the singer got a restraining order after a domestic violence incident in Puerto Rico. The identity of the victim in the assault was never revealed.

Ricky's brother, Eric, later said that the unnamed victim was his nephew, Dennis Yadel Sanchez.

In a 7-month relationship that ended a few months ago, the singer allegedly carried "physical and psychological attacks" on his nephew.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

According to his representative, the accusations are "completely false and fabricated."

Ricky is a married father of four. His legal representative further denied the allegations.

His legal team said the nephew is dealing with "deep mental health challenges" while denying the "disgusting" accusations against their client.

"Ricky Martin has, of course, never been - and would never be - involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew."

The statement was made by Martin Singer, his lawyer.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

The singer went on to say that he hoped that Dennis would get "the help he so urgently needs." Nevertheless, the lawyer said their greatest wish was to have the "awful case" dismissed as soon as the court saw the facts.

Last week, Ricky Martin was seen in Los Angeles on the set of his AppleTV+ miniseries. On July 21, he is expected to answer the charges in Puerto Rico.

On July 1, his accuser filed a restraining order against him based on Puerto Rico's domestic violence law. After the restraining order, he cannot get in touch with the accuser over "fears for his safety."

The order also claims that Ricky and his nephew broke up two months ago after seven months of dating.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

According to the nephew, Ricky did not take the separation well. He was allegedly seen loitering near the nephew's house on at least three occasions.

Ricky was allegedly also "consuming large amounts of alcohol and drugs."

According to the singer's lawyers, the accusations are false. His legal team is preparing to defend Ricky against his nephew, who was recently involved in a scandal with a woman he harassed and "threatened to destroy her life."

On his part, Ricky has also claimed that Sanchez suffers from mental problems and was "very sure" that his nephew was lying.

A singer's representative informed the media that the nephew was a biological relative and not the child of a step-sibling.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

The restraining order was signed on July 1. This was after the authorities visited Ricky to serve him with the order.

Rather than contact the police, the person who filed the order went straight to court. If the process had involved the police, the prosecutors would also have been involved to ensure there was adequate evidence to file the charges.

In Puerto Rico, incest is taken very seriously. Consequently, if a sexual relationship between Ricky and his nephew were to be confirmed, he could face up to 50 years in prison.

Ricky talked about the allegations on Twitter on July 3. He said the restraining order against him was based on "completely false allegations."

He assured his fans that he would respond through the judicial process using facts and the "dignity" that characterizes him.

The singer said he could not make very elaborate statements at the time because it was still an ongoing legal issue. He also thanked his fans for the messages of support.

Since then, he has not made any further statements about the allegations.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

Martin is married to Jwan Yosef, a Swedish painter born in Syria. They have been together since 2017, and they have four children together.

They have 13-year-old twins, Valentino and Matteo, and Lucia and Renn, 3.

When he talked about his family in 2017, the singer denied rumors that they were expecting another child:

"I don't hide anything nowadays. We are not pregnant. Right now, we're dealing with a pair of twins and a pair of Irish twins because Lucia and Renn are only nine months apart. And they're overwhelming, but we're strong and healthy."

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

However, he also said that they wanted to have more kids in the future. He revealed that they had "embryos frozen" for the purpose.

Matteo and his twin brother Valentino were welcomed by Martin in 2008. His eldest child was born through gestational surrogacy.

Although he said he had considered adoption, he eventually decided to work with a surrogate.

Eventually, he got into a relationship with Yosef, his current husband and the second father of the twins. The relationship began in 2016, and after they got engaged in the same year, they eventually married.

In 2018, Ricky and his partner announced that they had welcomed a daughter named Lucia. He also said they were looking forward to another child in 2019.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

The pair welcomed a son named Renn soon after.

In the past, the singer expressed concerns that he would not be able to get kids given his sexuality. He said he dreamed of being a father as a closeted gay man, thinking he would never get a chance to be called a father.

Although he knew adoption was an option, he knew that adoption is difficult for gay men in some countries.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

The restraining order against Ricky Martin came days after Rebeca Drucker said she was suing him for not paying her $3 million for the services she offered. Drucker claimed to have worked for him between 2014 and 2018.

According to her legal team, the singer "completely and maliciously refused to pay" her millions of dollars in commissions he owed to her. The case was filed in Los Angeles Central District Court.

Drucker claimed that she helped get his career back on track after helping him when he was going through a lot of personal and professional turmoil.

In court documents, Drucker claimed to have offered "invaluable services" to Ricky Martin as his manager and "top advisor." She allegedly helped him with recording contracts, sponsorships, and tours.

According to Billboard, she also helped him with the North American tour he was taking with Enrique Iglesias, which brought in $19 million.

Drucker also said she had helped him in September 2020 through a crisis that would have ended his career. The singer was facing an "unspecified career-ending allegation," but with Drucker's intervention, he was able to emerge from the crisis "unscathed."

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

She claimed in the court documents that she resigned in April due to his dishonest and manipulative nature when dealing with her.

Unsuccessfully, Ricky tried to make her sign a non-disclosure agreement so that she would not talk about their business together. Today, she wants a trial by jury and would like $3 million in punitive damages.

Ricky Martin was born Enrique Martin Morales. He got famous when he was 12 after joining Menudo, a Puerto Rican boy band back in 1984.

According to experts, the time he spent in the band helped him start a successful career as a musician.

After five years on the Menudo, he left to become a solo singer. Today, he is considered the most famous member of the band.

In the 90s, he released some albums in Spanish. He was also chosen to compose La Copa de la Vida for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

He went on to perform the song during the 41st Grammy Awards.

In 1999, he became famous worldwide with the release of Livin' la Vida Loca. From there, he created many albums in English and has so far sold over 85 million albums throughout the world.

He has also won over 200 awards throughout his career.

Ricky Martin has also been quite successful as an actor. He starred in General Hospital and Les Miserables on Broadway.

In 2018, he received an Emmy nomination for his role as Antonio D'Amico in The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

At the moment, he is involved in several film projects. He has a role in an Apple TV+ comedy, Mrs. American Pie, which is based on a 2018 novel by Juliet McDaniels.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

In the show, he will play the role of Robert, a "confirmed bachelor" who teams up with a woman named Maxine, whose husband walks out on her.

The woman asks Robert to help her create a fake family so that she can take part in the Mrs. American Pie beauty contest.

In addition to creating a successful music career, he has also been a strong advocate for LGBT rights worldwide.

He recently revealed that he was traumatized after being encouraged to come out as gay during an interview with Barbara Walters on The View back in 2000:

"When she dropped the question, I felt violated because I was just not ready to come out. I was very afraid. There's a little PTSD with that."

He eventually came out in 2010 with a statement on his website. He claimed that he was a "fortunate homosexual man."

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

A decade earlier, he was shocked when Walters questioned his sexuality. He wasn't expecting to be asked about his sexuality.

Walters asked if he was aware of the rumors about his sexual orientation. She also asked him if the rumors hurt him and how he handled them.

Ricky Martin did not have much to say about the rumors:

"I think that sexuality is something that each individual should deal with in their own way, and that's all I have to say about that."

Walters is now 92, and she has been off our TV screens since 2015. She suggested to him that he could stop the rumors by saying "Yes, I am gay," or say "no, I'm not," or stay ambiguous as he had.

Although Walters assured him that she was not trying to put him on the spot but was only mentioning it because there were rumors about his sexuality, Ricky Martin claimed he did not feel like discussing the issue.

Ricky Martin Is "accused Of Incest By His Nephew"

Nevertheless, Ricky claimed that he experienced post-traumatic stress disorder after he was put on the spot by Walters in such a public forum.

Today, he is comfortable with his sexual orientation.