Rich Woman Hears Son Mocking A Begger And Realizes It's The Man To Whom She Owes Her Success

Lacey, a lawyer with immense potential, keeps her childhood vow to her deceased parents by establishing her very own law firm. Nevertheless, her son's rude demeanor sets off a chain of events that brings her face to face with a homeless man, only to realize he is her former professor who has lost his memory.

At the tender age of ten, Lacey discovered her passion for law and aspired to become a lawyer. Sadly, her parents, who were both lawyers themselves, met a tragic fate in a car accident, leaving her orphaned at a young age.

Under the guidance of her grandmother, Lacey made a heartfelt promise that she would achieve great success as a lawyer and bring honor to her parents' memory.

After obtaining her remarkable summa cum laude degree from a renowned law school, Lacey embarked on the journey of establishing her own law firm. Despite her sincere efforts to instill in her son Aaron the value of respect for others, particularly those in need, she found herself facing a disappointing outcome.

On a certain day, Lacey and Aaron ventured to a neighboring town to tackle a legal case together.

"If you trouble me during the work, we are coming right back, and there'll be a week's house arrest for you!" Lacey had warned him, and Aaron had said, "OK, Mum! I won't trouble you! Promise!"

Due to Aaron's youthful innocence, it was impractical to leave him alone at home while her husband was away on a business trip. Consequently, Lacey had no choice but to bring him along with her.

For most of the journey, Aaron remained in his own world, keeping to himself. However, as time passed, boredom started creeping in.

Lacey found Aaron's questions to be absurd, and due to his growing boredom, she felt no inclination to entertain them with a response.

"Are we going to meet the criminal? Is it going to be like one of the James Bond movies? Are we uncovering a serious case?" Aaron asked Lacey while she was driving.

"Well," said Lacey. "I can't discuss the details with a little boy like you. How about you let me drive peacefully and watch something on your IPad?"

"But Mom!" cried, Aaron. "Tell me something! At least you can tell me if we'll arrest the bad guys!"

Lacey laughed. "Not all cases involve bad guys and arrests, Aaron! And this is, thankfully, not something that would require much work. It's just that the client can't visit me because she's an elderly lady."

"Sometimes, a moment is all it takes for a life to change."

"Boring!" sighed Aaron. "It's not fun then! I should've stayed home! And I'm hungry, Mum."

"But you had a tuna sandwich like half an hour ago!" she said.

"That was not enough! Mom! Stop!" he cried. "There's a store right there! Can I please get some snacks? I won't trouble you if you get me shrimp chips!"

Pulling her car to a halt in front of the store, Lacey unfastened her seatbelt. "You're one clever boy," she said. "Do you want anything else? I'll go and get it. Until then, you're not leaving the car! OK?"

Just as Lacey was about to step out of her car, her phone suddenly rang—it was an important call from a client. Instructing Aaron to cross the street carefully, she became engrossed in the conversation and absentmindedly handed him her credit card to purchase snacks for himself.

Regrettably, the call turned out to be lengthy, causing the client to cancel the meeting due to another commitment.

"Mrs. Roberts, can we please meet today?" Lacey persuaded her. "I drove all the way, and it's hard for me to make time for you later. No, no, I understand, but…"

"OK, alright, and I hope you realize I can't give this case any more time. I've got a bunch of other things to deal with. OK then, I'll see you at my office. Yes, Friday works fine. Alright. Thanks."

Letting out a sigh, Lacey concluded her phone call, feeling frustrated at the wasted time. How could someone be so inconsiderate of others' time? As she entered the supermarket, her heart sank when she witnessed her child mocking a destitute man, leaving her horrified.

"You stink! Stay away from me, you dirtbag!" cried Aaron. He held a handful of packets as he spoke.

"Little child," begged the man. "I need… I need a dollar to clear my bill! I haven't eaten in days. Would you be kind enough to help me?"

"Get away!" Aaron sneered. "I don't talk to strangers! Go and beg elsewhere!"

Under the gaze of the other customers, the unfortunate man slipped away into one of the aisles, vanishing from sight.

"Mom!" he cried. "I bought the snacks! Let's go!"

"We're not leaving until you apologize, Aaron!" she said. "I saw what you did to that poor man. You could have helped him."

"But Mom, he stank! And he looked like a freak!"

"So? All he wanted was your help. You could have said no politely. That's not how we treat others, hun. And so, we need to apologize. Come with me."

Lacey and Aaron, determined to make amends, ventured into the milk aisle in search of the man. There, they discovered him, tearfully huddled on the floor, his arms wrapped tightly around his knees.

"Sir," said Lacey gently. "Oh, I'm sorry about my son's behavior. He shouldn't have behaved so rudely."

At the sound of Lacey's voice, the man lifted his gaze, revealing an elderly, delicate figure that exuded weariness and exhaustion.

Amidst the multitude of wrinkles adorning his face, Lacey could discern the person to whom she owed her success. Little did she anticipate finding him in such a state—residing in a different city, disheveled, and after eight long years of his mysterious disappearance.

"Mr. Rutledge? Lord! That's you!" she gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. "Oh, I found you!"

He didn't appear to recognize her though. "I don't know …" he said. "I'm just a poor man, and I'm hungry."

"You don't remember me? I'm Lacey. I was your student!"

"I don't know…" he sobbed. "I don't know anything. Please just leave me alone!"

Despite Lacey's lack of understanding about the situation, she managed to provide solace and bring him back to her place. He utilized her residence for bathing, donning attire belonging to her spouse, and shedding tears upon receiving homemade meals. Though he divulged little information, it became evident that he had been living without a home, relying on begging as a means of sustenance, until seeking refuge in the guest room to rest.

Hence, Lacey accompanied him to the doctor's office, only to learn that he had suffered from memory loss due to a severe accident. Despite the doctor's reassurances about the efficacy of the prescribed medication, they harbored doubts and held little belief in its potential effectiveness.

Undeterred, Lacey resolved to proceed and embraced the role of caregiver to Mr. Rutledge, treating him with the utmost care and affection akin to that of a daughter. It was Mr. Rutledge who had imparted valuable knowledge during her law school days, establishing a lasting bond between them.

From the numerous candidates vying for a foreign internship recommendation, Mr. Rutledge singled out one of his students to be the recipient of this coveted opportunity.

Thanks to that very internship, Lacey kickstarted her legal career and dedicated a decade to working in that position before eventually establishing her own law firm. Consequently, when unforeseen circumstances arose, resulting in Mr. Rutledge's sudden absence, his family found themselves in need of assistance. Without hesitation, Lacey stepped up to lend a helping hand to his family during their time of need.

Regrettably, during their initial encounter at the store, he had completely forgotten about his family. However, Lacey remained steadfast in her determination to assist him in any capacity possible to aid in his recovery. Fortunately, a glimmer of hope emerged as Mr. Rutledge began to slowly and steadily recollect his true identity.