RHOSLC: Why Fans Think Casts Reunion Show Looks Are 'Worst Of All Time'

Rhoslc: Why Fans Think Casts Reunion Show Looks Are 'worst Of All Time'

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast's reunion has attracted fierce criticism from fans, who have gone as far as labeling it the "worst" in the history of the long-running franchise.

Filming was concluded last week, after which Bravo released photos showing how the women look in the show. These photos opened a can of worms as fans did not deem the ladies to have tried hard enough to look their best.

Traditionally, participants stop at nothing to deliver their most fashionable looks, which does not seem to have been the case with this particular cast.

Still, not all the ladies are getting the same amount of blame. For instance, Meredith Marks is getting most of the accountability for her fake leather.

Meredith Marks consistently stood out during the show's events for her ridiculous fashion choices. For example, during the first season, she had a bright pink dress with feathered sleeves, and then she showed up at Heather Gay's event with a face mask that covered all her face.

Rhoslc: Why Fans Think Casts Reunion Show Looks Are 'worst Of All Time'

She went on to trend during the show's second season after wearing a lilac pantsuit, bell bottoms, and a feathered bodice to Whitney Rose's launch.

After all the criticism she has received for wearing outfits featuring feathers, one would think she would have learned her lesson by now. That, unfortunately, didn't happen as she decided to wear a pantsuit with feathered sleeves to the reunion, which seems to have gotten on the nerves of many people.

Therefore, as soon as the photos were posted online, fans started to criticize the cast over the disappointing fashion choices. In fact, a Reddit thread titled "Could Meredith's be the worst reunion look of all time?" was started to discuss her glaring fashion mistakes.

Due to the famous relationship between Meredith and feathers, her appearance at the reunion has been responsible for most of the criticism the cast is getting from fans of the show.

One person asked: "Jen and Meredith with the feathers. WHY????"

From the look of things, the cast has lost all credibility regarding their fashion choices. This couldn't have come at a worse time since fans are also critical that Mary Cosby is no longer in the reunion show.

To be fair, Salt Lake City is not famous for its fashion-forwardness. Nevertheless, since these women were supposed to represent the city, people thought they should have made a little more effort.

The only thing these ladies seem able to do well is to get people talking. Undoubtedly, some people will be following the show more closely just to see what other ridiculous fashion mistakes they will make.

From the look of things, Meredith and Jen can handle all the criticism that their fashion choices continue to draw. Otherwise, as far as the cast's fashion department goes, Whitney, Barlow, Heather, and Jennie Nguyen are clearly the group's saving grace.