'Revenge' Sequel Series Is Officially Happening At ABC, And We Honestly Couldn't Be More Excited

Are you ready for more 'Revenge?' A new reboot of the series is in development, and fans everywhere are rejoicing!

One of ABC's popular TV series of this decade is eyeing a comeback with a new chapter.

'revenge' sequel series is officially happening at abc, and we honestly couldn't be more excited

Written by the series creator/ executive producer Mike Kelley and writer-producer Jos Fazzio, the new project will feature a new Latinx immigrant character, in addition to the characters from the original series.

Deadline reported that the Revenge follow-up chapter will follow "the story of a young Latinx immigrant. Guided by one of the original series' favorite characters, she arrives in Malibu to exact revenge on a Sackler-Esque pharmaceutical dynasty, whose insatiable greed leads to the murder of her biochemist mother, the destruction of her family, and a global epidemic."

'revenge' sequel series is officially happening at abc, and we honestly couldn't be more excited

As of right now, the show is in its very early stages of development. The character from the original series who'd bridge the show and the sequel hasn't been identified yet.

But there are possible choices of fan-favorite Revenge characters who could be brought back. They include tech wiz Nolan Ross and his friend, Louise Virginia Ellis.

In addition to Kelley and Fazzio, other executive producers on the hit drama series include Melissa Loy and Marty Bowen of Temple Hill. The show hails from ABC Studios.

The original show premiered on ABC for four seasons beginning in 2011. It was a strong performer for the franchise before ending its run in May 2015, with 89 episodes.

It was inspired by Alexandre Dumas's book, The Count of Monte Cristo, and it starred Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, and Nick Wechsler.

VanCamp starred as Amanda Clarke, also called Emily Thorne, a young woman who arrives back at her childhood home in the Hamptons under a penname to exact revenge on the wealthy family who orchestrated the death of her father.

Upon its premiere, this series proved to be a breakout hit, with Stowe receiving a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a drama series in 2012.

Since being announced, many fans seem pretty excited about the reboot on Twitter.

One fan wrote:

"I miss Emily Thorne and her revenge every day. So excited about this potential #Revenge reboot news, as long as @EmilyVanCamp makes an appearance!"

While another added:

"The first season of revenge was so good, and then it just became a mess. I am so down for a reboot cos it had so much potential."

Another was a little more hesitant, writing:

"Please don't f*ck up the last season! I loved this show so much!"