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Revealing The Ugly Truth: Why Your Diet Doesn't Work In The Long Run?

Revealing The Ugly Truth: Why Your Diet Doesn't Work In The Long Run?

Through the last couple of months, the lockdown period has taught us some useful tips & tricks in the kitchen.

With all that free time, you finally improved your cooking skills.
Hip-hip-hooray! Preparing delicacies is no longer 'the thing that must not be named.'

But yes, sometimes hedonism takes its toll, and you end up in an enchanted, endless cycle where you start obsessing about your appearance. Those several pounds that you've gained up sound terrible, and you despise yourself. Again, and again.

It is the moment when you end up saying: I need a diet! I'll start tomorrow! Or next Monday!

But do diets work?
Hmmm, a very delicate question.

The Toxicity Of The 'I need a Diet' Mindset

Revealing The Ugly Truth: Why Your Diet Doesn't Work In The Long Run?

We all know the diet definition and how it works.

There are numerous types of diets: keto diet, paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, low carb diet, fad diet, you name it.

You need to choose the method that suits you best, try to stick to the rules as much as possible, and avoid making mistakes. Simple as that!
And yet, it's so hard to maintain that path clear in the long run.

Why is it so hard?

It's about the forbidden fruit.
Diets that work on restriction won't be effective. Their menus usually tend to separate foods into 'good food' and 'bad food.'

Good food that you're allowed to eat and bad food that will not only make you look bad, but it can trigger the worst thoughts and emotions about yourself if you treat your soul sometimes too.

This mindset is far from right.

There is no such thing as 'bad food' or 'good food.' It's all about how you combine your meals because what matters most is your balanced nutrition.

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Revealing The Ugly Truth: Why Your Diet Doesn't Work In The Long Run?

The answer is simple. If you want to succeed, you'd need to change your target.

When you focus on one thing all the time, you get distracted and lose the big picture. And when you're struggling to lose weight, you need to observe it to see your progress insights.

Keep the focus on yourself for a change. Instead of whining over your stagnation, embrace your micro progress.

Even the tiniest results are leading you one step further in your journey. And each baby step counts.

Don't overwhelm yourself with numbers. Forget your morning rituals that start with getting up from your bed and hopping on the scale.

Do you know that your weight can vary during the day? It can depend on which phase of your cycle you currently are in, so don't underestimate yourself if you see that you've gained some weight during your PMS.
It's usually just bloat, and it will normalize once your period is over.

How To Lose Weight When Diets Don't Work?

Revealing The Ugly Truth: Why Your Diet Doesn't Work In The Long Run?

Here we are. You had a great start with a little help from the new diet that you've found somewhere on the Internet, but lately, it seems that things don't work as they used to.

There are a bunch of reasons why diets don't work.

First of all, you don't need diets. Scratch that word from your dictionary.

You'll need a regimen that compliments your body, soul, and your preferences as well. You need the freedom to choose what you want to eat, depending on how you feel. But at the same time, you need a healthy dish that will satisfy you nutritionally and tame your cravings well.

Do you analyze what you do or eat in a day?

This is the secret hiding the answer to why diets don't work.

Maybe you gain weight because you eat too many carbs or sugars, and you need to pay attention to your meal prep. Perhaps your office work and your daily tasks tie you down to the office chair. And maybe you lack some sports activities that will help you canalize your negative energy and lighten you up.

The key lies in exercise, food combination, quantity, and meal quality.

Following these small tips, you'd never have to ask yourself why diets don't work.

The Art Of (Healthy) Habits

Revealing The Ugly Truth: Why Your Diet Doesn't Work In The Long Run?

Strong habits are the key to success in life.

And believe it or not, maintaining healthy habits through life can be fun!

There is no such thing as a guide that could help you find your path towards healthy habits. They can't be unified and vary with every one of us.

But let's say that some things are constant.

Pay attention to your bedtime and wake up time. A night of quality sleep is more than a 'beauty sleep.' Your body needs the rest. Try to keep a regular schedule and go to bed at the same or similar time every night. Have a good sleep, get up, and seize your day.

Plan your meals overnight. Believe it or not, this will save you loads of time.

Combine your food to satisfy your nutritional needs. Did you know that the best food combos consist of separating your plate into four sections? Yes, a perfect meal plate should have 2/4 veggies or greens, 1/4 proteins, and 1/4 carbs. Measure and mix your favorites, and have fun with your colorful meals!

Exercise 2-3 times per week. Not only will you feel better after a good workout, but you'll get rid of the extra energy, and you'll fall asleep quicker than usual.

Cut the sugar. You don't need to avoid it because sugar is important for your organism. Just control your daily intake and try not to consume it in the evenings.

Don't eat fast food too often. Quitting fast food is impossible. But nowadays, we're lucky that there are many healthier versions of veggie burgers and spicy fries. Choose wisely and enjoy your meals. You deserve it!

If you take care of yourself inside and out, your body and soul will be thankful to you. And you'll get your long-desired feedback.

Feel free to start when you're ready!