Retirement Home Hires Male Strippers To Serve Dinner To Residents

Retirement Home Hires Male Strippers To Serve Dinner To Residents

The ride to the retirement home is not usually a happy one: this place is largely considered the last home by many. The time here is typically spent around other seniors trying to make the best of whatever few years you have left in this world.

All in all, it's a sobering yet sad reality of life being in a retirement home.

But that's how life goes.

After years of working hard, being in school, staying married, raising children, and going to whatever corner of this world you could afford to, you have to slow down and call it a life well-lived.

But some of these folks are really living it up, as the experience of some seniors at a particular retirement home has proved. The ladies there had a dinner experience of a lifetime when they got first class service from ripped male strippers.

If you think this is some misplaced rumor, consider these compelling facts about this incident.

1. The Place In Question Was Milton Lodge Retirement Home

That's in England, a place called Colchester. The retirement home hired young and handsome half-naked hunks to serve dinner to the residents.

2. It Was A Request, Sort Of

Apparently, a resident at the home, aged 89, was asked what she wanted to be served every day and her answer was "a man."

Her request was granted and she and other female residents saw their wish come true when they were given a rare chance to be served dinner by the male strippers.

3. The Company Is Called Hunks In Trunks

Milton Lodge hired a company by the name Hunks in Trunks to supply the strippers, and they came to serve the ladies dinner. Initially, the guys had no idea what they were getting into, but when it was explained to them by Claire Martin, the Activities Director, they completely backed up the idea.

"When they turned up we had to let them know what we wanted them to do."

4. Everyone Had Fun

The residents, and the guests in attendance all had a great time. No surprises there, I guess.

5. They All Liked It

When the idea was first floated, the Activities Director at the home, Claire Martin, wasn't sure it would get as much support as it did. So, she was quite surprised to see the idea get the backing of the residents.

According to Martin: "We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it."

6. Guests Were Allowed In As Well

When the residents let their family members know what was going on, many were keen to attend and see what the hell was going on.

"The ladies' daughters and granddaughters came. They all had a massage, the butlers went around asking the ladies if they wanted a massage and they all said yes," said Martin.

Dinner served by strippers will obviously not be a daily event at Milton Lodge Retirement Home, but everyone really had a great time.