Restoring Your Faith In Humanity: 10 Random Acts Of Kindness That'll Pull At Your Heartstrings

Ever encountered a real act of compassion directed towards you or others? In a world littered with constant negative news, stories of random acts of kindness not only trigger goodwill in ourselves and those around us but inspire us and ignite in us feelings of positivity and optimism.

True, luck isn't on everyone's side, some people are fortunate to have good things happen to them 'just because', or maybe they happen to be doing something at the right place and at the right time. Surely, they didn't plan, much less expect to win real money when playing at their chosen no-deposit casino - but somehow, they did. They used a no-deposit free spins bonus to boot, how about that for karma?

Then, there are the unfortunate few whose luck is not quite on their side where life seems to be putting their resilience to the test. And just as they're on the brink of giving up, that flicker of hope shines through…

Here are ten acts of generosity that will hopefully have you smiling for the rest of the day.

1. He Found A Replacement

Miranda Mac Lean's neighbor Jim had the wish of retiring from the construction industry, but he hadn't made any specific plans about it until he met a young man with whom he had worked previously, who told him he had been out of a job for some time. The young man was now married with three children. The following day Jim went to the office and filed all the necessary paperwork related to his retirement. He had even found the company a replacement and gave them the name of the struggling man. Fast forward six years and the young man is still working at the same construction company.

2. He Kept Her Paints

Artist Marilyn Kinsella had totally put the 'no liquids in the hand luggage' air safety rule at the back of her mind. Once she arrived at the security gate inside the airport, she was told she needed to relinquish her paints to the attendant in the luggage area. When she returned from her trip a week later, she was directed to the same attendant whom lo-and-behold was holding Kinsella's paints. He had not only kept them in order to return them but had even noted her return flight and made the time to meet her.

3. Thinking Of Her

When Jerilynn Colette's husband died suddenly, her co-worker took it upon herself to send her a card every week for the whole year saying 'Just Thinking of You' or 'Hang in There!' Colette said this gesture made her feel really seen and saved her life.

4. Fluttering Messages Of Support

Jennifer Garcia-Esquivel was four months pregnant when the baby's heart stopped beating. A middle-school teacher, Garcia-Esquivel, had no clue how she could return to school and deal with the kids. After a four-week recovery period, she walked into the empty classroom and switched on the lights to find that the wall was completely covered with colored paper butterflies and hand-written messages written on each one, from past and present students. The encouraging messages expressed that she shouldn't give up hope nor lose faith and that she was profoundly loved.

5. The Kind Six-Year-Old

Donna Kachnowski's grandson's belongings including his latest Christmas presents were destroyed in a fire that broke out in the family home in January of 2006. One of the boy's classmates had a birthday coming soon and she told her parents to give the birthday gifts she was about to receive to Kachnowski's grandson. Whoever thought six-year-olds could be so generous?

6. The Selfless Vendor

Eman Zabi was touring Istanbul with her father when the latter suddenly fell ill. Eman was only fifteen at the time and started frantically looking around for help. A vendor selling chestnuts asked her what was wrong. She struggled to communicate with him and succeeded by using a mix of English and French. The street vendor closed his stall and led Zabi and her father through the streets of Istanbul to a small pharmacy nestled in a corner. His refusal to take any money and his selflessness with his time touched Zabi deeply, especially in such a time of dire need.

7. Giving Them A Free Meal

Certain companies appreciate random acts of kindness by their employees so much, they even blog about them on their website.

When CEO Steph and her partner were hiking around Australia, they met another couple who were on a very tight budget and hadn't had a decent meal in a while. So, she and her partner took them for a meal and paid for them.

8. Dessert To Share

Communications and Marketing Manager, Cassie stated that when living in a shared house with housemates, she would treat everyone to dessert occasionally. This could be doughnuts, pastries, a cake, or even cookies. She would leave them on the counter just so she could brighten everyone's day a little.

9. Reuniting Owner With His Pup

Sales and Communications Exec, Jude found a lost Jack Russell outside her apartment building when she was heading to work. She called one of her flatmates downstairs and they waited together with the dog until the owner came to pick him up. It was not only her good deed for the day that made her feel alive but the joy of seeing the pup reunited with his owner.

10. The Food Angel

Jamie's parents had just broken up and were going through a divorce. Her mother was really worried about the finances: paying the bills and income. There was no way they could afford groceries. Suddenly boxes of food starting turning up outside the door. This went on for months until her mother found a full-time job. Jamie says they never found out who was leaving the groceries outside but they definitely saved their lives.