Research Suggests That Women Are More Attracted To Men With Beards

Most women will agree that a man with some form of facial hair exhibits a certain allure. From a well-trimmed chin patch that has well-formed hair, which meets the mustache to form a lovely circle, to the longer facial hair, a beard on a man is both fashionable and alluring. Perhaps it is the rough feeling that tinges the soft female skin when in contact that makes women love bearded men. Or probably it is the masculinity that a beard portrays that fascinates women.

Throughout history, high ranking men and leaders have always kept a beard. In Egypt, beards were the fashion statement of men higher in social status. Even leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and King Henry VIII kept the beard. Today, celebrities like Tom Pyne and Jason Derulo are just but a few examples of how good facial hair looks on a man. The no-shave November cancer campaigns have no doubt contributed to men keeping facial hair. The campaigns give men a chance to embracing hair, beards included for a more charitable cause.

What causes this fascination with facial hair on men by women? Most women would say that facial hair makes men more attractive than those who are cleanly shaven. Even the least of hair, such as stubble on a man gives the illusion of a perfect jawline. Beards also give the impression of maturity and competency. Naturally, women want a man who can give protection. The more masculine a man is, the greater the contrast it creates with a woman's femininity and women like to feel feminine.

Research suggests that men who grow beards tend to appear more masculine. Neave and Shields (2008) conducted research investigating the effects of facial hair on the perception of women on men's masculinity, dominance, and attractiveness. The results indicated that women found men with stubble as the most dominant. Those with full beards were regarded to be the most aggressive, mature, and masculine.

Another research conducted in Australia by Medical Daily, researchers from the University of New South Wales, yielded similar results. The research incorporated various lengths of beard to rate the perception of health, attractiveness, masculinity, and potential parenting ability. Men with a heavy beard are ranked as being the most attractive and with a high potential of parenting ability, while those with a light stubble are ranked lowest.

A clean-shaven man portrays an image of good grooming. If you are a woman out there looking for a mate, do not be too hard on the clean-shaven guy who approaches you. Consider that if he is financially stable, then he has to shave clean as a way of grooming so that he can fit in the working environment. However, if a bearded hunk comes along, do not hesitate. After all, he is attractive and most likely to be a fatherly type. Be careful though, maybe he knows women love the scruff game and all he wants is a fling that will leave you heartbroken if you are looking for a long-term relationship.