Research Shows Women Like Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands

Research Shows Women Like Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands

Many people will admit without even batting an eyelid that their spouses are the most important people in their lives and that they enjoy every minute of their lives together and would not have it any other way. That may sound like the beautiful reality of every happy marriage out there, but the truth might be quite different; at least as far as most wives are concerned.

A recent study has revealed some uncomfortable truths about what women think of their husbands and the relationship they have with them. The research indicated that, according to a lot of women, their best female friends are actually better company for them than their own husbands. In addition to this discovery, the study also went on to confirm that this is because women like their friends better than their spouses.

This study was done in the UK by Champneys Spas and Resorts, and most women made the admission that the relationship they had with their best female friend was much better than what they shared with their husbands. This does not necessarily mean that they cannot enjoy spending time with their husbands. It is just that they like their friends better, to whatever degree that might be.

In general, according to the study, as far as having a good time, having someone they can trust, and hanging out goes, the women have a better time when not doing it with a romantic partner. Friends are also preferred when it comes to getaways.

In general, there are many reasons for this peculiar discovery.

For the most part, it is seeing a romantic partner on a regular basis that makes spending more time with them, even in more exciting situations, less appealing. Therefore, spending this time with a friend who is seen on a less regular basis becomes more appealing.

In any case, the findings of the study indicated that 57 percent of women felt that they could discuss anything with their girlfriends. These women did not feel as comfortable speaking about these things with their husbands. This should hardly come as a surprise in consideration of the fact that 45 percent of women also consider their female friends to be better listeners than their husbands. Furthermore, it was discovered that more than 39 percent of these women could actually laugh until they cry when with their girlfriends.

Also, for a considerable number of these women, there is a history between them and their friends that goes further than the relationship they share with their husbands. Furthermore, 23 percent of women consider their friends to be better sources of advice in comparison to their husbands. Additionally, 44 percent of women also say that they can tell their friends things they would never tell their romantic partners.

On top of all these findings, 43 percent of women in the study also said that in the upcoming year, they had a girl's weekend or a spa day with their female friends. And it's a pretty obvious fact that many women look forward to spending a weekend relaxing with their girlfriends before getting back home to spend time with their husbands.