Research Says Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, And Curse A Lot

Research Says Intelligent People Are Messy, Stay Up Late, And Curse A Lot

If you have ever been able to study people who seem to be intelligent, then you might have found that cursing a lot and staying up late are some of their characteristics.

A study has shown a close correlation between being messy, use of curse words, and swearing with a high degree of intelligence. If you find people with such personalities, be sure that their IQ is higher than you can imagine.

The use of curse words is not a sign of vocabulary deficiency

For ages, our society has maintained the claim that those who regularly use swear and curse words are just compensating for their limited vocabulary. However, Kristin Jay; a psychologist at Marist College has invalidated the claim. Pointing out that individuals who are fluent in taboo words are more fluent in neutral and mundane words. This basically means that they have a rich vocabulary.

A voluminous taboo vocabulary indicates healthy verbal abilities

Kristin argues that taboo lexicon is not used to cover up vocabulary deficiencies, but they indicate rich verbal abilities. The claim is supported by other researchers who have shown interest in the subject. Such researchers include Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; who says that taboo word users understand their general expressive content very well. In fact, it is an indicator of wide linguistic knowledge.

Another interesting finding by a study done at the University of Minnesota says that intelligent people are not only known for their usage of cursing and using swear words, but they also stay up late and are messier than anyone else.

We live in an era where the messiness is no longer linked to laziness

Some time ago, the use of slang terms, staying up late, and being messy were seen as indicators of stupidity and laziness. This is now different as the new era proves that these are the key attributes of sober, intelligent, and hardworking people. Thanks to the contribution of science in disapproving the ancient claim!

The same study referred to the desks of the geniuses, which were always in a messy condition. The researchers linked this to the disorderliness of the environment which resulted in the inspiration of breaking free of tradition, something that can, in turn, give rise to new insights. On the other hand, environment orderliness leads to a convention.

Children with high IQs go to bed past midnight

Another study discovered that intelligent people are more nocturnal than others. The researchers found that individuals with an IQ of less than 75 in childhood would go to bed 20 minutes to midnight. This continues up to early adulthood. Those with a childhood IQ of over 125 would stay up late until around 00:30.

You are intelligent if you find yourself being messy and nocturnal

If you find yourself being nocturnal, messy in your room, or enjoying using curse words, then consider yourself a genius! Have no fears as you are more intelligent than anyone around you. If you are yet to be a genius, then you might be on your way to becoming one.