Research Reveals Men Spend Seven Hours A Year Hiding In The Bathroom

There is no way around it – you have to use the bathroom whether you like it or not. In fact, you should use it a couple of times a day if you are healthy. But however inevitable visiting this room is, I strongly believe most people don’t look forward to spending some time in the bathroom. Science says I, and several others who have this misguided notion, are very wrong.

As it turns out, some men might be enjoying their bathroom time a little too much; and spending a little more time in there. And it’s not to void their boils, but to get some time alone. According to this study, men spend an average of seven hours a year in the bathroom for precisely this reason.

But that does not mean these guys are up to anything suspicious when they take a little longer in the bathroom. There is a more serious reason behind this peculiar trend.

These men are just a little overwhelmed by everything going on in their lives, and these special moments help them get some peace and quiet. So, this is more likely to happen after a particularly stressful day.

Other reasons a man might run into the bathroom to hide include over-excited children, a nagging partner, choices, and the need to use their mobile phone in peace.

The study was done by Pebble Grey, a bathroom company. Their discovery is that many men consider the bathroom a sanctuary where they can go to get some temporary relief from the pressures of life.

So, although this act might seem a little drastic, it is proving very important for men who need some private space to power down or take stock of what is happening at that particular time.

Getting some peace and quiet is very important, and the bathroom offers them the best opportunity to enjoy this little pleasure, which is why they can take up so much time in a year staying in the bathrooms for reasons other than bowel movements.

This should not come as a surprise considering that of the 1,000 men in the study, 45 percent of them admitted that getting some personal time was a challenge. A quarter of them also claimed that their partners had little appreciation for how busy their lives were.

Therefore, escaping to the bathroom is the only way they can keep up with everything. About a similar number of them also termed the bathroom as a “safe place.”

So, there you have it. The next time you see him take a little longer in the bathroom, don’t think too much of it. It might be the little time he needs to keep it all together.