'Ren & Stimpy' Is Coming Back After Being Revived By Comedy Central

‘ren & Stimpy’ Is Coming Back After Being Revived By Comedy Central

Bringing us the '90s nostalgic memories, the Ren & Stimpy show is coming back with all-new episodes!

The series was a '90s classic that appeared on Nickelodeon, which is slightly odd since Nickelodeon is for kids, and Ren & Stimpy sort of was not. It was a cartoon after all, but much of the dialogue and hidden jokes weren't very appropriate for kids, so it somehow seemed like a strange Nick choice. Nevertheless, many kids loved it and still love the series as adults.


The original cartoon series aired for five seasons and generated a loyal audience, with celebrities including Frank Zappa, Mark Hamill, Soleil Moon Fry and Phil Hartman playing incidental characters.

Ren & Stimpy has been off the air for almost 25 years. That's a bit too long in the eyes of Comedy Central, as the network revealed on August 5 that they're bringing Ren & Stimpy back in a 'reimagined' version, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


"We are excited to reinvent this iconic franchise with a new creative team and our partners at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio," said ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group president Chris McCarthy.

"Ren & Stimpy join our rapidly expanding roster of adult animation including South Park, Beavis and Butt-Head and Clone High as we continue to reimagine our treasure chest of beloved IP for new generations."


We know Ren & Stimpy is coming back and that Comedy Central is bringing in a whole new creative team for the revival, but that's currently all the info available. Nickelodeon Animation Studio will head up the show but nothing was said about the writers, the number of episodes, or when it will be out.

"We're not making the same shows," said Chris McCarthy. "The world has changed so much. To me, they're not remakes but re-imaginings. 'Beavis and Butt-Head,' for instance, was so defined by GenXers, my generation, who are now having kids and raising GenZers. And that's where we'll find Beavis and Butt-Head — each with a kid about to enter high school."


The old show will join the new version of "Beavis and Butt-Head" and the "Daria" spinoff, "Jodie," on Comedy Central within the next year-and-a-half. Obviously, they want to get on the nostalgia train. If we're lucky, they'll put all these shows in the same block of programming so we as very grown adults can enjoy our '90s shows.

Chris McCarthy added:

We're really making a dramatic shift on Comedy Central, where 'South Park' is killing it.


The nice thing about animation is it helps you take the hard truth of life and process these through funny jokes — even when they're not funny.

It's a visual manifestation of pure insanity… and the rise of adult animation is skyrocketing.

Stay tuned, '90s kids!