Reminder: No Man Is Ever Out Of Your League

The concept of dating "leagues" is outdated and unfounded. There's no clear originator of this idea, but it's important to recognize that it's a flawed notion. Attraction is subjective, and if you're interested in someone, they're in your league. Don't limit yourself by convincing yourself that you're not good enough for someone based on superficial reasons. Rather, if you think you'd be a good match, go for it! Dating is complicated enough without adding unnecessary self-doubt.

1. No one's better than you

The idea of a guy being out of your league implies that he's superior to you, but that's not true. You're an amazing woman and any guy would be fortunate to have you in his life. Have confidence in your self-worth and don't view yourself as inferior to a man.

2. You're hot — admit it already

I don't want to hear about your perceived imperfections. We all have them, and it's important to accept ourselves for who we are. I might have pants that feel tight after a big meal, get acne as an adult, or have hair that looks messy in the rain, but I'm still confident and comfortable being myself. You should do the same and embrace your own hotness, flaws and all. Stop dwelling on your flaws and just go out there and be your amazing self.

3. Those guys are losers

Any guy who belittles you for not being good enough is a loser. We've all encountered guys like that, and they're often single for a reason. It's okay if a guy isn't attracted to you, but he should never make you feel inferior by implying that he's out of your league.

4. Let your confidence shine

Regardless of the league you believe he belongs to, simply exuding confidence will catch his attention. Confidence is attractive, instantly propelling you into any league because it demonstrates that you won't tolerate nonsense and are self-assured.

5. If he says no, shake it off

Rejection is a universal experience. Even the most attractive woman has faced it. Therefore, don't let it determine your worth or league. Instead, shrug it off and move forward, as it allows you to find the right person for you.

6. You're missing out

By constantly labeling guys as "out of your league," you're potentially passing up on great opportunities. It's possible that one of those guys could be your soulmate or at least the most attractive hookup of your life. So why limit yourself? Finding the right man is already challenging, so take the chance and go for it. The worst that can happen is he'll decline your offer.

7. He's thinking the same thing about you

Leagues aren't exclusively a female concept; men also think in similar terms. My current partner, for instance, believed that I was out of his league. When he told me, I found it amusing. I still don't comprehend why he thought he wasn't good enough for me. Nevertheless, he's become my longest-lasting relationship. This goes to show what happens when we disregard leagues.

8. If he's so perfect, why's he single?

Often, you may assume that a guy is out of your league due to his appearance, demeanor, or communication style. You perceive him as flawless while viewing yourself as flawed. But take a moment to consider this: if he's genuinely perfect, why is he single and spending time in the same place as you? Wouldn't he be living in a magnificent mansion with a harem of admirers rather than frequenting bars, clubs, or dating apps? In reality, he's far from perfect.

9. You need to raise your standards

If you genuinely believe that guys are out of your league, it's time to raise your standards. Settling for less because you think you aren't good enough will not lead to happiness. Don't settle for a loser who mistreats you when you could have an amazing guy if you only muster the courage to approach him.

10. Why's he out of your league again?

Take a moment and reflect: is it his attire? His appearance? Perhaps his job? These are all poor reasons to believe that a guy is too good for you. In reality, you could never devise a valid explanation for why a man is out of your league. There is simply no legitimate reason for it.

11. There aren't leagues in romance

Just to reiterate, there are no leagues in love and relationships. While we may have different preferences, we're all playing on the same field. It all boils down to attraction - that's the only league that matters. We're all seeking either love or sex, or both, and we're all on an equal playing field in that regard.