Reminder: Getting Married Is Not An Achievement

Matrimony is a wonderful and incredible expedition, but women must cease regarding it as an objective or achievement because it is neither. Still not convinced? Reflect on the following:

1. Anyone Can Get Married

Obtaining any particular talents or qualifications is not necessary to get married since love is innate in all of us. Moreover, you are aware that neither intelligence nor personality is required to tie the knot. Let's face it; you have come across some of your friends' husbands and silently disapproved.

2. You Do Not Need Validation

For individuals who have been single for an extended period, the notion of discovering a partner with whom they can envision spending their lives might seem akin to winning the lottery - an incredible event that is unlikely to happen. Consequently, when it does happen, they may perceive it as a reason to celebrate with champagne and declare, "I'm special, after all!" Hold on a minute, though. Starting a new journey with someone is exhilarating, but it should not be the basis for validation. Marriage is not required for an individual to feel special or recognize their worth.

3. You Have More Important Goals

Marriage can be a fulfilling experience, but it should not be seen as a goal to achieve. It is simply a decision made by two individuals who wish to spend their lives together. Goals should not be dependent on others because they are meant to be achieved for personal growth and happiness, which requires skills and talents.

4. No One Is Going To Complete You

Let's retire the Jerry Maguire references and the idea that marriage is the ultimate goal. Waiting for someone to come along and complete you or make your life perfect is unrealistic and unhealthy. You're already a whole and complete person, and you shouldn't rely on someone else to validate your worth. Marriage is a choice between two individuals who want to spend their lives together, but it shouldn't be elevated to a level of importance that defines your entire existence.

5. You Feel Like A Failure If You Do Not Get Married And That Is BS

Not getting married does not equate to failure or indicate that something is wrong with you. Marriage is not a guarantee of satisfaction and happiness, as evidenced by the high rates of divorce.

6. You Risk Settling

Settling for someone just because you feel the pressure to get married is not a wise decision. Choosing a partner solely based on the fear of being alone and unhappy can lead to regret and dissatisfaction in the long run. It's not a competition, and there's no need to prove anything to anyone. You deserve to find a truly fulfilling relationship, and settling for less will only rob you of that chance.

7. You Can Be Happy Without The Ring

It's time to stop the societal pressure on women to prioritize marriage over other achievements in life. Even if a woman has a fulfilling career and a great life, people still tend to ask her why she's not married yet at social events. This needs to change. Marriage shouldn't be seen as the ultimate accomplishment, overshadowing all other goals and successes. It's not a recipe for happiness either, as one can be happy without it. Let's also not forget that a woman can buy her own damn ring.