Remind Someone They Aren't Alone

Remind Someone They Aren’t Alone

If you're lucky enough to love yourself, share it with others. Teach them how to be on their own, and to find solitude.

John Lennon was right: everyone's goal in life should be to be happy. So, when someone asks what you are doing, tell them you're working on improving your sense of self-awareness and spending your days learning all about self-love. It's a road to fulfillment and a life worth living. But how do you get to that point? What is that people who love themselves know? Let's dig into it…


No regrets

It's impossible to live fully without a single regret, but if you're beating yourself over and over again, that won't change a thing. So, focus on what you can change and accept what's in your past. You can turn your regrets into teachable mistakes by merely changing a perspective.

No one's to blame

Similarly, blaming people or yourself for something that happened or that's still occurring is no way to live your life. You're better than that. Prove it by expressing self-love and being kinder to yourself. When you start loving everything you are, you'll start seeing the good in others as well.


Stay fit

Self-love is a full package deal: you have to take care of your health, wellbeing, and mind. You have one body, and it's your job to keep it safe and do your part. Workouts aren't tortures. They are delightful ways to get rid of negative energy and stay in shape.

Be present

There's no other way to love your life unless you are always part of it. Mindful meditation, yoga, spending time with loved ones, and creating life-lasting memories are a way to go. When you're present, at the moment, you're able to find beauty in anything, even on the gloomiest days. It's dangerous to live in the past or to always think of the future. There's only here and now.


Celebrate yourself

Throw a birthday party because you're not getting older. You're getting wiser, sharper, more resilient… Celebrate your achievements, even minor milestones, to increase your sense of self-value and remove the crippling self-doubt. Learn to pamper yourself, create small rituals that will make you smile every day. You don't have to have huge parties, but you can treat yourself right and include people you love.


Do something for others

It's moving and inspiring to see a person giving their time and energy to others. You can volunteer, donate, throw a garage sale, and include some minor charity to be part of it. The world is full of people and animals in need, so there are no excuses. You can't save the world, but you can be a tiny part of the solution, even if it means helping your elderly neighbors with grocery shopping.


Keep your mind open

When you're open-minded, you're not judgmental. It is that simple. You shouldn't judge a person because you never know what goes on behind closed doors. Try to hear what others have to say; it doesn't mean that you'll have to accept their opinion. But, it will give you an insight into what's going on outside your bubble. You should love yourself. That's your right, but don't mistake it for selfish and toxic narcissism.


Self-love is a complex set of skills, which will turn you into a happier, more efficient person. But, the impressive thing with it is that it's always a two-way street. You have to share that love with others (people, animals, plants) to find solitude and peace. So, remind someone they aren't alone. Do it, and do it this very moment.