Relationship With Spouse Issues

Relationship With Spouse Issues

No relationship is perfect, and that's okay. You are not perfect and neither is your spouse. But the effort to work together and make something better of yourselves is what makes relationships worthwhile.

In A Relationship, You Have To Grow As A Person, And So Does Your Spouse

That's how the relationship keeps moving forward.

But people in relationships make mistakes all the time. For instance, some people expect their partners to have the same interests they do.

That's ridiculous, to be honest.

When you met, you were very different people. And you even liked that as it added some edge to the relationship.

You did not see your spouse as your clone. So, why should you expect them to be an extension of you right now?

There was a time you were happy to sacrifice for your partner. You were not crazy about dancing, but for their sake, you made a fool of yourself on the dance floor.

Jogging is your idea of hell, but you woke up at the crack of dawn just to be supportive of your partner's health-bound hobby.

Then you got comfortable.

You no longer attempted to do something for your partner's sake. All you care about is what you like. You have even gone further and started to expect your partner to forget about their interests and care only about yours.

As if that is not bad enough, you even expect them to show full enthusiasm while doing it and take offence when they don't.

Stop And Think For A Minute. Are You Fair To Your Spouse?

Do you realize what you have become? You expect to receive and receive, without having to give anything in return.

You kick up a fuss because you don't always get what you want.

Now look. Your spouse has turned sour because they always give and get no appreciation for the effort.

The toxicity is building up, and you should do something before things get out of hand.

The first step is knowing that you are responsible for this scenario in one way or another. Sure, your spouse might be an enabler by obliging, but you carry some blame.

Your spouse cannot be like you. Period.

After noting this error, keep the communication flowing. Make your needs known and make sure you understand your partner's needs.

Do you ask what your partner needs? Does your partner ask what you need? This needs to be happening.

Let There Be No Assumptions About Each Other

It doesn't matter how long you have been together, you still need to ask what your spouse needs from you.

Ask what your spouse wants. Don't get offended when they ask what you want.

A good relationship is precious, and you cannot ignore it and expect it to work. People change and grow. You are two different souls that came together because you believed that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Accept that, communicate your needs and be happy in a thriving and healthy relationship.