Relationship Annoyances: The Good, The Bad; And Ways To Deal With Them

Relationship Annoyances: The Good, The Bad; And Ways To Deal With Them

I have some shocking news: annoyance is a sign of a good relationship. Yep, you read that right. Don't think relationship annoyances are a bad thing, at least not always.

So, for those asking themselves things like "why is my boyfriend annoying me so much lately" or "what does it mean when a girl annoys you" don't think of hitting the pause button on that relationship just yet.

Broadly speaking, relationship annoyances are a sign that someone still cares. That, as you know, is very important in a relationship.

The moment you or your partner stops giving a damn, then you are on the fast lane to a breakup.

So, Is It Normal For Your Partner To Annoy You?"

relationship annoyances: the good, the bad; and ways to deal with them

Yes, it is normal.

But that does not mean you try all you can to piss off your partner. That's not the idea, and it can quickly backfire and seem like a sign of disrespect.

However, it means that when he says you're annoying, you should not be overly stressed about it. In most cases, he's probably just saying you like to joke or tease too much, and I bet that that's one of the reasons he loves you.

But then, there are other reasons your partner can be annoying, which is why we have some ladies saying things like "my boyfriend annoys me on purpose." Yes, that's a possibility. A girl or guy can try to piss you on purpose.

In healthy relationships, this comes from the point of love and comfort with you, not ill intentions. Believe it or not, there's someone out there who likes how you act when irritated. That's why we have folks who get off seeing you a little miffed.

So, if your guy thinks you are so pretty and irresistible when annoyed, he might sometimes do it on purpose. And if your girl finds it so cute when you are a little irritated and unsettled, she might also do it on purpose.

The root of these kinds of relationship annoyances is a longing to have greater intimacy with you.


Losing your temper means letting your emotions show, which demonstrates vulnerability, which is very sexy in relationships. We like partners who can be vulnerable around us because it also means we can be vulnerable around them.

Yes, There Are Times When Relationship Annoyances Go Beyond Being Petty

relationship annoyances: the good, the bad; and ways to deal with them

For instance, you could be genuinely irritated by the fact that your partner always comes home drunk.

That's not a relationship annoyance, but a serious relationship issue. It's still an irritation nonetheless, and you should do something about it to avoid weakening your bond.

You can ignore everyday relationship annoyances once you realize they are done in good faith with no intention of hurting or harming you. That, by the way, is one of the tricks on how to address annoying things your significant other does.


You can think of them as little pranks, and if you can pull it off, you can try the same tricks on them, and both have some fun. That can truly strengthen your bond.

We also have the issue of those who have no idea how to get attention from their partners except by annoying them. If you can honestly ask, "why do I enjoy being annoying?" then I am talking to you.

You do it on purpose because it gets your attention and possibly a chance to have an intimate conversation with your significant other. That is okay as long as you don't go overboard and make their lives miserable.

Of course, we also have those hard to please partners who will have guys asking: "why is my girlfriend always annoyed with me?"

In some of these cases, she just likes knowing that you care about her feelings, which is why. Yes, fake annoyance is real, especially among the ladies. It gets them quality attention from the man they love, and who wouldn't want that?

How Do I Stop Being Irritated With My Partner?

relationship annoyances: the good, the bad; and ways to deal with them

Resolving relationship irritations is very important. If you let it, annoyance can even hurt your marriage. That is why overreacting to petty annoyances should be a no-no.

Also, even as you work to get rid of relationship annoyances, first understand if being annoyed with your partner could be a sign of a healthy relationship.

That good-natured teasing from your partner might be one of the few things that keep your relationship interesting.

Sure, you can focus on issues like "what to do when your boyfriend is annoyed with you" to make the situation better. But it's best to understand the root cause of pet peeves in your relationship. Ask yourself, why is your partner irritated?

In most cases, there is an underlying issue. Maybe your significant other needs some attention from you, and the irritation is a way to make you stop ignoring them if that's what they feel you are doing.

When your partner says you are annoying, that is sometimes a way of telling you that yes, you give them attention. In all types of relationships, annoyances exist, and it's your goal to look past such issues and focus on what really matters.

As much as you might consider relationship annoyances a bad thing, they prove that your relationship is still worth fighting for. If nobody cared, whatever you or your partner does would not be a bother to anyone. That said, if the source of the annoyance is a serious relationship issue, then, by all means, do all you can to resolve it.