Relationship Advice You Should Never Listen To

Relationship Advice You Should Never Listen To

When you're in a relationship, it seems like everyone always has some type of advice for you. Many claim to know it all, and always have something to say about situations in relationships. The fact is, all relationships are different. No one outside of the two people in a relationship truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. If you have a friend going through things in a relationship, it's likely you only hear one side of the situation, making any advice you may have for that person's relationship unhelpful. Then we have the haters; those who can never keep a relationship, so they spend time trying to mess everyone else's up with bad advice. It is said that people do this, but it is a reality that it happens.

In today's world, relationships are a lot more than just love and affection. People have become so terrible at making their relationships last longer than even a few months or years. The probable questions that must have arisen in your mind are whether people have forgotten how to love, or whether they have just given up on love. The problem is that many people are unwilling to sacrifice, compromise, or love unconditionally.

Here are some common advice that is given by people, that you should NOT listen to


Most young people today aren't good at keeping up with their own relationships, but they never really fail to advise other fellow youngsters about theirs. Statistically speaking, most of this advice has helped couples in no way whatsoever. So if someone tells you any of this about your relationship, you should probably not listen.

The most common bad advice being:

⦁ "Just break up with him; men are shit"/ "Just break up with her; women are bitches".


⦁ "You will immediately know whether he/she is the one for you."

⦁ "That person is way out of your league, so don't even keep yourself bothered."

⦁ "You guys have been together for over 5 years; it's high time you get married now!"


⦁ "Moving in together will solve all your problems."

You need to listen to what's important

The advice comes for free, but the person you are asking for advice from might at any time be plotting your break-up. It will cost them no time or money to make this brainwash. Taking into account the above-mentioned advice, firstly people need to stop being judgmental. Never could all men be shit and all women be bitches.


Just because you have been with someone for years, does not mean you need to be married. Marriage is a lot different than just dating. It requires many commitments, and sometimes a relationship takes a long time before you truly know that the person you're with is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It takes a long struggle and learning about someone for years to realize if they are the one destined to be with you.

No one can be a master of the tides or an expert in relationships to tell you what needs to be done. The decision of marriage should be taken by you two without any third person's interference. Marriage doesn't require a rush.

Moving in together is a huge step, and is often not advisable in a few cases. This will definitely not strengthen an already rocky relationship. Rather it will bring in bigger fight bills, your partner staying out late, or even leaving the toilet seat up.

The problem with people today is, they want everything easy. They do not even have the patience to wait for the love to grow. People let go of their partners too easily before they even take the time to know the person they're dating. If you're looking for just some excitement and quick thrill instead of love; any bad advice from another person will make sense to you. All that is required is a bit of trust in your love, a stronger belief that you can work it out, and that you don't let other people intervene in the way you love.