Reincarnation: The Incredibly Strange Case Of The Pollock Twins

The Pollock Twins case is a perplexing mystery that may leave you in awe, regardless of your beliefs in life after death. It has been considered by many as strong evidence for reincarnation for years.

After two girls passed away, their parents had twins. These twins displayed knowledge of their deceased sisters that was both eerie and unusual.

Tragedy: The Pollock Sisters Were Killed In An Accident

It was a joyful Sunday on May 5, 1957 for the Pollock family as they headed to the traditional mass at the church in Hexham, an old English town. The parents, John and Florence Pollock, stayed behind while their daughters Joanna (11 years old) and Jacqueline (6 years old) eagerly rushed ahead to secure a good spot at the ceremony.

Tragically, they never made it to the mass that day. A few blocks from the church, their haste led to a reckless accident. They did not see a car that was about to turn and it collided with them, killing Joanna and Jacqueline on the spot.

The parents experienced the saddest year of their lives, devastated by the loss of their daughters. They wanted to start a family again and fate surprised them when Florence became pregnant with twins.

The Pollock Twins

On October 4, 1958, the twins were born. Gillian was born first, followed by Jennifer a few minutes later. Their parents were overjoyed, but they were surprised when they noticed that the twins were identical and had birthmarks on their bodies. Jennifer had a spot on her forehead in the same place where her older sister Jacqueline had a scar. Both twins also had a mark on their waist, matching the same location as a scar on their deceased sister Joanna.

Gillian, the other twin, did not have either of these birthmarks. The family thought it might be possible that the birthmarks appeared at some point during the pregnancy and they wanted to believe this. Three months after giving birth, the family decided to move to White Bay in an attempt to leave their sad past behind and find the peace they desired.

Remembering The Past Events

When the twins were two years old and had acquired a basic understanding of language, they began to ask for toys belonging to their deceased sisters, even though they had never heard of them. When their father gave them dolls that he had kept in the attic, the twins named them Mary and Susan, the same names that their older sisters had given the dolls long ago.

The twins' behavior began to differ from each other. Gillian, who seemed to emulate the older deceased sister, took on a leadership role over Jennifer, who appeared to remember Jacqueline and followed her sister's directions without question. The clues took on a darker tone when the Pollocks decided to return to their hometown.

When The Twins Returned To Hexham

Upon arriving in Hexham, the reaction was immediate. The twins, in unison, asked to visit an amusement park that their sisters had been obsessed with and described it in detail as if they had visited it multiple times. When they arrived at the house, they recognized every corner of the home and even their neighbors. Their parents said that they acted and spoke the same way their first two daughters did.

Dr. Stevenson's Research On The Pollock Twins

The twins eventually caught the attention of Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918 -2007), a psychologist who studied reincarnation in children. In 1987, he wrote a book called "Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation," in which he described 14 cases of reincarnation, including that of the Pollock girls. When it was no longer possible to ignore the strange events occurring, Dr. Stevenson's research offered a possible explanation.

Dr. Stevenson preferred to work with children because he believed that "reincarnated adults" were more likely to be influenced by external and fantasy factors, such as memories from books, movies, or even their relatives that they incorporated as their own. Children, on the other hand, acted spontaneously and were not conditioned by external influences.

The Unpredictable Yet Strange Behaviours Of The Pollock Twins Sometimes Shocked Their Parents

In the case of the Pollock twins, their parents never fully understood the extent of the phenomenon. When the twins were just 4 years old, they were terrified of cars on the road and were always too afraid to cross the street. They would often cry out, "The car is coming for us!" On one occasion, John and Florence overheard the twins talking about the tragedy that occurred on May 5, 1957.

"It was a terrible experience," Jennifer told her sister. "I had blood all over my hands, nose, and mouth. I couldn't breathe. I don't want it to happen again. "I know, I remember," Gillian replied. "You looked like a monster and something red was coming out of your head."

Strangely, All That Vivid Memories Were Erased As The Twins Grew Up

According to some belief, when the Pollock twins turned 5 years old, the age at which reincarnation is believed to end, their connection to their deceased sisters was severed and their memories of their previous lives were erased permanently, as if they had never existed. Despite this, the mystery surrounding the Pollock twins has continued to garner attention and intrigue around the world for nearly 60 years.