Regina King's Son, Ian Alexander, Dies By Suicide At 26

Regina King's Son, Ian Alexander, Dies By Suicide At 26

Regina King's son, Ian Alexander Jr, died of suicide several hours ago. The actress confirmed the devastating news in a statement to the media.

The actress was extremely close to her son, and the two actually got matching tattoos that read "unconditional love" after they took Kabbalah classes together some time back.

Apparently, they chose among a selection of designs and didn't tell each other what they picked but ended up with the same choice: unconditional love.

In the statement, she also said that Alexander Jr was a "bright light" who cared so deeply about the happiness of others. She also requested that people be considerate of her family during this difficult time.

Alexander Jr was pursuing a career in the music industry. He had become a DJ.

Regina King previously said that her son taught her about unconditional love, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. For instance, the 26-year-old had nothing but praise for his mother last year as she turned 50.

The upcoming artist said that he was "extremely proud" of his mom before ending the message by saying, "Love you, mom!"

So far, the means by which Alexander Jr committed suicide has not been revealed.

It did not seem like he was about to make the drastic decision, as he had posted about an upcoming event just three days ago on his Instagram account.

Just a week ago, King asked her Instagram followers to support "Green Eyes," her son's new track. She also shared a short clip of the song.