Redheads Are Actually Genetic Superheroes

Redheads Are Actually Genetic Superheroes

Although most superheroes discover their superpowers later in life, others get to learn that they have them as soon as they enter this world. Gingers, for instance, have a special genetic makeup that gives them enviable abilities that the rest of us can only fantasize about.

Right off the bat, these women have a different smell, and it's sensual and earthy, which means they are quite enchanting. Scientists got down to it and managed to figure out that redheads have more of an acidic substance that naturally occurs on our skins, and this makes them smell different.

The differences redheads have to the rest of the population are much broader. The gene that gives them their unique hair color also bestows on them other unique qualities. For instance:

1. Greater Ability To Generate Vitamin D

They need less vitamin D than everyone else. The reason is that they have a unique genetic mutation that allows them to make enough vitamin D even with limited exposure to the sun. This is a big deal, as inadequate amounts of vitamin D lead to health issues like diabetes, arthritis, and so forth.

2. They Detect Temperatures More Easily

Redheads are more sensitive to temperatures. A 2005 study by the University of Louisville found out that because of the MC1R gene, these redhaired people are more sensitive to temperature extremes. Therefore, they can feel temperature changes much sooner.

3. They Are Not All Fair-Skinned

Although most people think that redheads are always fair-skinned, there are redheads with darker skin being born in places like Morocco and Papua New Guinea. Some cultures even believe that redheads descended from the fire gods.

4. They Are Favored In Commercials

Another amazing thing about redheads is that they feature more prominently in commercials. Considering that just 2% of the population consists of redheads, it is quite impressive that 30% of TV commercials running during prime time feature redheads.

5. They Seem Funnier

The other amazing superpower about redheads is that they are considered much funnier than everyone else. This should help explain why clowns often feature bright red colors in their makeup – it makes them look funnier.