Red Flags To Tell You Early On That You're In A Dead-End Relationship (Explained By Experts)

Red Flags To Tell You Early On That You’re In A Dead-end Relationship (explained By Experts)

Most of the time, our memorable romantic experiences are at the beginning of a new relationship. You look forward to your next date. You can't even wait to make a call to them, Hearing your partner's voice is all you want to do all day, But after time it's reasonable to evaluate your relationship to know where you are both heading.

We have gathered five red flags according to experts that may signify you might be in a dead-end relationship.

1. Your Life Goals Are Not The Same

This is not much about what you want your future to turn out to be. Instead, it is what you want in your future.

Rachel Needle, a licensed clinical psychologist, and a Florida certified sex therapist believes partners should want almost identical things for their lives.

Try convincing each other to see things from the other's perspective. If you fail, that may be a red flag.

2. You Are Looking Outside Of Your Relationship For Satisfaction

Are you tempted to download a dating app? Or find yourself checking out your ex's profile on social media? The author of The New-Monogamy, Tammy Nelson, a sex and relationship therapist, said it could mean you are ready for a relationship outside of your current one.

Sometimes instead of calling your boyfriend to discuss a troublesome issue, you may call your friends. Nelson said this is not right! Intimacy means sharing your feelings with your partner, even the bad ones. When you can't, it is a red flag something is not right in the relationship.

3. Your Boyfriend Is Dramatic Or Paranoid

Dramatic boyfriends are too attention-seeking, suggestible to others' opinions, and overdramatize many situations. You will observe him displaying more symptoms similar to a narcissist.

And if paranoid, he will be suspicious of almost everything. He becomes jealous for insignificant reasons and too sensitive to insults real or imagined, ones you would have taken lightly. People with this personality have difficulties getting close to people and especially have difficulties trusting.

Susan Krauss-Whitbourne, a Professor Emerita of Psychological & Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, asserts histrionic and paranoid personality disorder symptoms are a strong predictor of divorce.

4. Forcing Yourself To Stay

Within you, the relationship is over, but you can't just leave! It may be that you are convincing yourself things will surely change in time. You are constantly involved in a confirmation bias, according to the word of Perpetua Neo, a toxic relationship expert. This is when we discard all evidence that is contrary to our view or belief.

University-of-Utah researchers led by Samantha Joel confirm that most of the time people force themselves to remain in an unfulfilling relationship. They don't want to lose all the time invested. Also, the thought of entering the world of dating again scares them off.

5. Your Boyfriend Always Compares You With His Ex

You are totally different from his past girlfriend(s). When you notice you are always being compared to any of them, you may need to reconsider your relationship's health.

Listening to how he talks and describe his past relationship is a cue to how you will be treated too. Elinor Greenberg, a psychologist, is of the strong opinion that whatever people do in their past relationship, they are likely to repeat in the new ones.