Red Bull Faces First Wrongful Death Lawsuit

red bull faces first wrongful death lawsuit

Cory Terry liked downing Red Bull because, according to him, these energy drinks "perked him up." Now, his family thinks the 33-year-old New York resident died from drinking this energy drink.

According to his family, Cory was a healthy construction worker, and he did not even smoke. Therefore, they had no reason to imagine that anything else could have caused his sudden death.

Due to the circumstances of his death, they made the conclusion that Red Bull is to blame for his early demise.

Why Cory's Family Blames Red Bull For His Death

Cory was enjoying a game of basketball, and during a break, he chugged a Red Bull. Soon after that, he got lightheaded and then collapsed.

He died from what doctors called "idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy." In layman's terms, that means the man died of a heart attack.

Heart attacks happen for a reason, and in this case, it was hard not to link his death to the drink he had just taken.

There are countless reasons Cory could have succumbed to a heart attack. However, the doctor's report mentioned that he had consumed Red Bull before dying.

That is undoubtedly why his family decided to file an $85 million lawsuit against the company. This is the first time Red Bull has faced such a lawsuit.

For quite some time, the ingredients used to make the drink have been under a lot of scrutiny.

However, although there have been a lot of reports of people dying after consuming energy drinks, this is the first time this company has faced such a lawsuit.

Honestly, that is an incredibly lucky streak considering that there are thousands of hospital visits related to the consumption of energy drinks such as Red Bull every year.

According to the family's lawyer, the energy drink has "extra stimulants" that make it different from a cup of coffee. These stimulants are "more dangerous than what Red Bull lets on."

Clearly, this is a case that might give Red Bull a lot of negative publicity, considering that it's the first of its kind.

From the look of things, Cory drank a lot of Red Bull. However, he is hardly the only fan of this energy drink to do so, although he might be the first to lose his life as a result.