Recognizing An Unconditional Kind Of Love

Recognizing An Unconditional Kind Of Love

People perceive love in many different lights. While some individuals see love as a sense of attachment toward someone or something, others believe that love is a loyal, selfless, concern for the good of another. To me, love is affection, an intense attraction to someone, and a willingness to go to any lengths to make the person you feel love for happy and safe.

Unconditional love is a special kind of love. A love that many people find hard to explain. Unconditional love is an affection for another individual without conditions and limitations. A love that can not be broken by any force or action against it. Without saying much, here are six signals to tell you that you're getting unconditional love.

1. He Is Protective

When I say protective, I don't mean that he is going to be jealous when you're hanging out with the girls. That's over-protection. If he loves you, he will ensure that you get to a venue safely, for example. He will be sure you have a ride home from a night out too. Such protection is an assurance that he cherishes you and his love is unconditional.

2. You Always Make Up After A Disagreement

Every relationship has ups and downs. According to life coaches, if your love life doesn't have quarrels, you might be with the wrong partner. When it comes to an argument, a real couple knows how to solve the matter. Is he always the first to apologize? If the answer is yes, it's an indication that he loves you unconditionally. A real couple knows how to reach a common ground during an argument.

3. You Both Share Your Darkest Secrets

The fact is, we all have our darkest secrets. There are those secrets that you will always feel embarrassed to share with even your closest friends. If he knows your darkest secrets, then it's an assurance that you love him unconditionally. You shared the secrets with him because you trust him. In return, he will always accept you for who you are even with your dark secrets.

4. He Has You In His Future

If he loves you unconditionally, he will always picture a future with you. Is he always joking about you two playing with the kids in the backyard? That's a sign that he isn't planning to lose you anytime soon. A real partner will always include you in his plans and major decisions that involve your life together. The involvement means that he values your presence in his life and he is willing to see that happen forever.

5. His Love Is Unquestionable

Professionals always say that when love is real, you can feel it. You don't need your partner to confirm that he loves you. When a man loves you unconditionally, you will never be agitated to ask if he does love you. His actions will directly answer everything.

6. He Is Always Proud Of You

As stated earlier, a real partner will love you for who are and not who he wants you to be. Therefore, if his love for you is unconditional, he will be proud of you and appreciate your presence in his life. Real partners will always tell you that they are proud of who you are. Therefore, if he always acknowledges you for even the little accomplishments, don't question his love. It's unconditional.