Recent Study Confirms Parents Still Lose Sleep Worrying About Their Grown Children

It turns out that many folks are not aware of how strong parental instincts are. You might think that your aging mother no longer worries about you now that you are an independent adult living your own life.

But a study has proven that your parents still worry about your health, your financial wellbeing, and even your relationships even after you reach adulthood. And there is nothing to keep them from worrying about these things since they are hardwired to worry about you given their role as parents.

So, parents will still have sleepless nights over their adult children.

And this discovery is not exactly shocking, but it does prove that being a parent is a lifelong commitment that does not end when children enter adulthood.

Therefore, even though our society has tried to make us believe that parents worry about their little kids, the truth of the matter is that parents worry about all their children.

In fact, the study showed that parents regularly offered financial and emotional support to their adult children in addition to chatting with them on a regular basis.

Supporting adult children was also seen to stress the parents considerably.

In particular, fathers lost some sleep whenever they had to support their adult children. But when the mom offered the support, the dad did not face any sleep issues. However, mothers lost sleep regardless of which parent supported the kids.

However, the parents were affected in different ways over what was going on in their children’s lives. For instance, fathers felt drained after helping out their adult children or discussing minor things with them.

On the contrary, mothers were exhausted by having to worry about the wellbeing of their children, even when the father was providing the required financial or emotional support.

Another intriguing finding from this study was that parents are increasingly being involved in the lives of their adult children, and for this reason, they are having to support them later into adulthood than ever before.

This is because some parents might be too aware of the problems facing their children, thanks to mobile technology.

The constant communication can feel like a burden; and parents are often forced to play a role in the lives of their adult children whether they want to or not. This constant contact makes the parents more likely to step in whenever their adult children need assistance.

So, it should not come as a surprise that these parents losing sleep over their children.

The upside is that there are ways to deal with the stress of supporting adult children in a healthy manner.

For instance, parents should be cautious about the ways they are involved in their adult children’s’ lives. In general, parents should not offer support that promotes bad behavior such as laziness and other self-destructive habits.

The best approach is to offer support when it is truly needed such as when the adult child is in trouble or specifically asks for help. This can make being involved in their lives less of a burden for the parents.

The most important thing to remember is that a parent will never stop worrying about their children, regardless of age.

But as a parent with adult children to worry about, you should eat properly, exercise on a regular basis, avoid alcohol and drugs, reach out to friends when you need help, take personal time when necessary, and even offer help to other parents in a similar position to lower your stress levels.