Rebuilding The Foundations: How To Get Your Life On Track After Recovery


The journey to getting your life back on track after alcoholism is not much talked about.

It will probably be one of the most difficult parts of your journey - letting go of old habits and cultivating new, healthy ones.

However hard it may seem, it is definitely possible to get your life back on track and repair broken relationships.

It won't be easy or short, but with a few intentional changes, you can get there.

Let us take a look at how you can do this.

Focus On Your Goals

Many people often talk about the goals and dreams they had before alcohol took over their life.

Trust me, it is never too late to still pursue them!

After recovery, your primary focus should be on yourself and your goals - alcoholism might have prevented you from doing that.

If you are currently out of a job and want a new one, focus on filling out applications and preparing for your interviews.

Or you can work towards getting your dream job if your current one makes you unhappy.

Apart from your career, work on those small personal goals as well.

This can include things like developing a new hobby, maintaining a healthy diet and cutting down on partying.

Be Careful With Your Friendships

While recovering from alcoholism, you might lose a lot of friends. The good ones, however, will stay.

You might also make new friends with people who have gone through similar recovery process.

In any case, you should maintain a friend circle that avoids heavy drinking - primarily for your own good. It could be a trigger and you might even feel forced to drink in their presence.

Your friends should encourage you to stay away from drinking.

Reconnect With Family

Alcoholism causes many to withdraw or even isolate themselves from their family.

Emotional outbursts, anger and arguments could have weakened the bond between you and your family members as well.

The reconnection can begin during recovery itself and afterward, you should focus on maintaining your relationships by spending time with them.

Although it is normal for some family members to find it difficult to trust you given your past habits, it is important to prove the commitment that you have made to yourself and to them.

Healthy Diet

Alcoholism usually wreaks havoc on one's body and many people come out of it with a new illness or condition.

Nutritional deficiencies are extremely common among recovering addicts.

The one thing you should do when you get your life back on track is maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

This includes drinking plenty of water and having 3-4 meals a day. Cut down on sugar and starchy foods and focus more on protein, vitamin and mineral-rich foods.

If you are currently suffering from addiction, it is highly encouraged to seek help and join a good rehab center where your guide will tell you the foods you should include in your diet after assessing your body's condition.

Try joining one in your area so your loved ones can still visit you.

For example, if you reside in San Francisco, you should look for good rehabs in San Francisco.

Physical Exercise

People who suffer from alcoholism pay very little attention to their physical strength.

During the recovery process, one of the main goals is to get back on track with taking care of your body.

Physical exercise will help you feel better both physically and mentally.

It will also reduce your dependence on alcohol and make you feel more energized to tackle daily tasks.


It is perfectly normal to need assistance and moral support even after rehab.

Don't beat yourself up if you mess up sometimes. Don't worry if you feel you're not making much progress.

What you're going through isn't easy, and every little step is commendable.