Rebounding After A Toxic Relationship

Rebounding After A Toxic Relationship

Love is blind ― This is the go-to statement commonly dished out by people who want to justify the toxicity within their relationships.

Well, I have a minor alteration to make to it because, in my opinion, love is in fact presumptuous.

While most women know their relationships are doomed, they always attempt to put an optimistic spin on things hoping that the lofty standards they set for their partners would eventually be met.

"He only abused me because he was drunk" or "He promised never to cheat again" are statements you should never find yourself uttering.

If you do, you are in the throes of a toxic relationship

Let's fast forward a few wasted months later when you finally realize this man is no good for you and you end the relationship.

While most of your friends and family will be happy that you are finally free, deep inside, you will be left hovering in a makeshift twilight zone. Even though you had an extremely fulfilling life before this good-for-nothing man sapped all your energy, moving on from him is not as simple as it seems.

This is where the new guy comes in

At first, you never see him coming. You are so emotionally closed off that even direct advances at you seem like nuisances as opposed to compliments.

He is patient. He knows what he wants, and he will not take no for an answer. It is as if he can sense the turmoil rumbling within you and his premier desire is to silence it.

Slowly, you feel yourself gravitating towards him. Whether it is laughing at jokes only you would find funny or lingering around him just to instigate a conversation, your need for attention is finally being met.

Luckily, this guy is willing to give you as much attention as you desire. He sends those heartwarming 'good morning' texts and doesn't sleep without making sure you are okay.

By way of his attention, he has reinstated your self-esteem, and you finally believe you are beautiful again. Your makeup collection that was never replenished post-breakup is now a top priority. Entire days spent at the salon, all so you can hear him compliment your looks, seem worth it now.

This is when he takes you by surprise

Out of nowhere, he pours his heart to you and requests the chance to revive your belief in love. His timing can only be deemed as impeccable, his proposal all the more alluring.

You may have gone through hell in your previous relationship, but his sincerity is unquestionable.

Throughout the time that you have known him, he has done nothing but uplifts you. Whatever endeavors you brought up, he supported you. If you seemed low, he would always pop up with his quirky sense of humor to get you out of your funk.

You may not wish to rush into anything, but this seems like a gift sent directly from God to make up for all you have been through.

After all, he is the guy tasked with eliminating all the toxicity from your heart, and if you ask me, he is doing a pretty good job.