Rebound Relationships – Rebounding Gets A Bad Rap

Rebound Relationships – Rebounding Gets A Bad Rap

If you are like most people, it's hard to take pride in having met your partner on a rebound. Most people snort at their coffees and dismiss such relationships as fake.

To most people, you are just doing it to dull the pain of the breakup. Once that's gone, then the relationship is over.

But Rebound Relationships Do Endure. Sometimes

Just because the couple got together when one or both were trying to get over their breakup pain does not mean they have no respect, love, and care for each other.

Still, it's important to consider why these relationships have a bad reputation. There is a reason behind it.

For starters, many of them start because someone is trying to heal a broken heart. Secondly, most of them fail.

Researchers Put The Figure Of Failed Rebound Relationships At 90%

Clearly, starting a relationship with someone at their worst is wrong. Without a doubt, if that is all there is to the relationship, then failure is pretty much guaranteed.

But sometimes, there is more than the pain of breakup to get over when you are on a rebound.

After the grief is over and you can think soberly, you might realize that what you have can go the distance.

Yes, you no longer miss your ex and are willing to mingle and find love once more. However, the rebound led right into the arms of someone who loves, appreciates and cares about you.

People On Rebounds Are Usually Trying To Mask Their Sadness, Anger, And Frustration

Rebounds are proof that you are not as worthless as you feel. After all, you can still get another human being to associate with you.

Be that as it may, rebounds can turn into dates. And the dates can turn into precious, intimate moments that morph into a full-blow romantic relationships.

Usually, Rebounds Fail Because The Rebounding Party Is Still Not Done Grieving

But that is natural, since some people are trying to rebound from years of marriage.

So, how do you know that there is more to you as a couple than the rebound? First of all, be real and accept the reality of what it means to be on a rebound.

Clearly, the best thing would be to wait until you are over your past relationship before starting another.

But if that didn't happen, and you are already knee-deep into another relationship, there are other things you can do. If you are the one rebounding, make sure your partner knows you are still grieving and that you need time to recover.

A considerate partner will try to help you heal so you can put your energy and focus into the current relationship.

Keep your expectations in check, however. Typically, people have a couple of rebound relationships before they finally settle into a serious romance. Understand all these factors going in and rebound relationships will be much easier for you to handle.