Reasons Why You're Always Attracting The Wrong People

Reasons Why You’re Always Attracting The Wrong People

Toxic people are all around us, but you feel as if they can smell your kindness. Is it that simple? Let's find out!

Even the best of us get to that point where enough is enough! No more BS, no more wrong people at the wrong time, and please, no more drama!

Why is it that the ones who try their best to be good must always attract toxic people? And how to get rid of negativity, while not looking like complete jerks?


Let's see what intrigues toxic personalities and draw conclusions on how to stop letting them into our lives:

Positivity attracts negativity

Have you heard of emotional vampires? They are feeding on your positivity.

Should you be more cynical? No, that's not good for you, but you need a better set of boundaries. If you continue to feed them, you'll become one of them. But if you remove them from your life, it has to be for good and carefully executed.


They will be trying to take revenge on you, spread lies, but what can you do? Eventually, they'll find another victim.

You're a fixer

It's such a noble idea that you can fix anyone and save everybody. It's also one of the reasons wrong people surround you.

It's hard for you to let people live on their terms because you see that they aren't doing well. But, for your own sake, you need to let them go and understand that you're not responsible for saving them.


Stop meddling into other people's lives, and they'll stop coming to you with all that drama!

You're too trusting and too open

Do you know the secret of highly successful people? They don't talk much. They have their goals, but they only talk about them with their tight circle, if at all.

The more you talk about your dreams, and the more you open up to a toxic person, the more likely they will see you as a bad guy. These people will try to undermine you, even plant seeds of fear and doubt.


The solution is simple: stop talking. At least, know who's your ride or die friend and confide in them.

You're easygoing

Being an easygoing person is great because you're adaptable and patient.

This is also one of the treats that toxic people use to their advantage. They see your openness as an invitation to meddle in your life. The only solution is to say no to their requests, despite your kind and relaxed nature.


It's not easy to understand why toxic people pick caring, kind ones. But, what we can't overlook is the simple fact that these same individuals can make us stronger and teach us all about the boundaries.