Reasons Why You Should Never Fight To Keep Him

Is it really necessary to fight to keep your man? A number of women believe that you should even if it means degrading yourself or settling for a life with someone without respect for how you feel. As individuals with our own paths to follow, fighting for a man to convince them to stay with you is not always worth the effort invested in it. It makes us women look like fools, and for all of us, we are made out to seem dependent. Instead of fighting for a man that does not want or desire to be with you, it is much easier to let them go. In doing so, you will have let go of all the stress, hurt and humiliation that results from being in a relationship with him. He has absolutely no right to take away your dignity and convert you into a jealous crazed maniac.

Never bother fighting to keep your man as it is his choice to do what he wants. If he wishes to leave, then let him walk since you can not force feelings on someone that doesn’t have them.

Whatever he has been doing behind your back, whether cheating or stabbing you in the back, he will repeat it more often. Apologies may be on the way, but they mean little because people often break their promises. It is also by struggling to remain with the same man that you lose your self-respect and this gives you a bad reputation in addition to making you look bad. People will realize that you don’t have an ounce of respect for yourself when you fight for someone that has no respect for you.

A functional relationship is impossible if you don’t have trust for one another and when you lack trust, then you have nothing. You should also not fight for him when you are scared to be alone, and it never works to convince yourself things will work out with him. He will be angry and fed up with you every time you try anything, and there is no reason to smother someone and still expect it to work because it only pushes them away further.

There is no reason for someone to try to keep their partner if their partner wants to go, it most likely means they never wanted to be with them to begin with.

A functional relationship is composed of active components that are well aware of each other, and when these pieces have rubbed against one another, crushed into each other and gotten used to the rhythm of the relationship, you will realize that he will not try to leave. When you have him well taken care of, and he is ready, he will honestly have true feelings for you.

Trying to keep him when he doesn’t want you is like pushing him away and only makes him want to get away from you more. The less you struggle to keep him, the soberer you’ll be when he is gone.