Reasons Why The Girl Who Has A Big Heart And A Sarcastic Mind Is Every Guy's Dream

Reasons Why The Girl Who Has A Big Heart And A Sarcastic Mind Is Every Guy’s Dream

When you get a girl with a big heart, you are in for a relationship that is full of love, care, compassion, and honesty. You add sarcasm to these amazing traits and you also get a girl who is very witty and sassy. This girl is extra special, and guys would kill to have her in their lives.

You know that behind the witty remarks and the sass, there lies a big heart that is big enough for the both of you. She might be sensitive, but she is bold. She might also seem like she might be too much to handle, but you will get along with her very well.


If you are dating this girl, you can expect love and joy in your very interesting life together.

But what exactly makes this girl every guy's dream? Here are some reasons.

1. She Is A Hard Read

With this girl, you cannot always draw the line between sincere comments and jokes. She is always a mystery. She might be honest, but you might mistake that for sarcasm. She likes taking her time in showing you her emotions, and this is part of what makes her so interesting.


2. Tough On The Outside, Sensitive On The Inside

Although she appears to be a badass, which she is, she has a sensitive side as well. Her sarcastic side makes her look tough, as she is willing to always speak her mind. But beneath this toughness is a soft heart, and she feels things more deeply than most other women would. So, her love is much stronger as well.

3. She Shows Her Affection In Weird Ways

Since her love is mingled with sarcasm, she might express it in ways you might not expect. For instance, she might say she loves you in between a few unrepeatable expletives, or give you a surprise you did not expect.


4. She's Smart

This girl is quite smart and adaptable. She always finds a way to bring some excitement into your life. She also does not take you around in circles but will tell you as it is, even though it might be hard to hear. This girl gets sarcastic, not to be rude, but because she is sharp-witted.

5. She Loves A Lot, Despite The Indifferent Look

Although she might appear indifferent and insensitive, she has a very soft spot for you. It is just that she understands how vulnerable she is, and she hides it to avoid getting hurt. And you can see her love from her actions because she will be very supportive, dependable, and willing to take care of your needs.


6. She Appreciates A Good Comeback

Making a joke at her expense will not offend her. So, in addition to having witty sarcastic comments about people, she can afford to laugh at herself as well. She understands that there is a fine line between sarcasm and hostility.

7. She Can Handle The Pressure

Thanks to her tough mind, this girl can handle pressure much more easily. Therefore, she does not let emotions like anger or disappointment get the better of her. She knows how to stay calm, even when she has to let you know what she is feeling.


8. She Has A Great Sense Of Humor

Part of this girl's charm is her sense of humor. She constantly makes jokes, but it is not with the intention of offending anyone. Unless you have a good sense of humor as well, you might consider her threatening and mean.