Reasons Why Men Who End Up With Nurses Are The Happiest

Reasons Why Men Who End Up With Nurses Are The Happiest

Nurses are known to be tough, caring, and gentle at the same time. Those are some of the best characteristics men look for in their women. Apart from these qualities, there are several reasons why men who marry nurses end up being the happiest in society.

1. Nurses are smart

Many female nurses are very educated and hold a college degree. They even further their studies to increase their intelligence. There is nothing that attracts a man more than having an intelligent woman by his side.

2. Nurses are kind and compassionate

Nurses do all it takes to make the life of other people better. They not only practice this in their workplace but also apply it in their families.

3. Good listeners

Spending most of their time around sick people, nurses learn to listen to their patient's needs in order to attend to them. Because they are used to this, they also apply it in their homes and are always ready to give honest advice to their partners and offer unlimited support.

4. Very supportive

The nature of a nursing job allows the nurses to deal with difficult hopeless situations without losing hope. For this reason, they will never quit a relationship no matter how difficult it might become.

5. Getting people through tough times

Sick people are exposed to the most difficult times in their lives. It is the work of a nurse to ensure they get through these tough times by always offering words of encouragement. They always extend this in their homes and always find a way of getting through the tough times.

6. Spouses with benefits

Because of their experience in the medical field, they are likely to offer the best advice on medical matters. They know where to find the best hospitals and the best doctors in town. They will always spot any health symptoms before they get worse and recommend treatments for their family members.

7. Partners in emergency

Nurses are trained to respond quickly to emergencies and have all the skills required in handling emergency situations. They will always make important decisions quickly and make everything right within a short time.

8. Team players

A marriage life requires two people to work as a team. Because the nursing profession requires nurses to always collaborate with each other, nurses are excellent team players.

9. A steady income

Nurses receive a very good income that is enough to get a family going. You will not get stuck with difficult economic situations if you have a nurse as your wife.

10. Nurses have a different and deeper perspective in life

Nurses don't complain about small things in life such as a broken window or a leaking tap. They are always exposed to the more difficult situations in life and have no time to nag about things that are easy to deal with.

11. A good sense of humor

To be able to take care of patients successfully, you need to cheer them up. Nurses are never dull and will always cheer you up with their wicked sense of humor.