Reasons Why I Love You: The Ultimate Confession To Myself

Reasons Why I Love You: The Ultimate Confession To Myself

There are so many reasons why I love you, and yet I rarely mention them. Yes, loving you isn't always easy, but I am doing my best and I hope you know it. For you are me and I deserve the best.

Some Simple Reasons Why I Love You

Self-love should come to us naturally, but it often doesn't. In fact, many struggle to even define what it feels like to sincerely appreciate yourself.

So today we will try to get back to the simple basics of loving yourself for just being.

It's very straightforward: we breathe, we experience life around us, and we move around this planet. So much to be grateful for already.

The list of reasons why I love you, my dear self, starts with simple gratitude.

Thank you for making an effort to be strong and power through anything that comes your way.

I also thank you for completing things that do not exactly require strength but are important nonetheless. They are: feeding yourself, cleaning your body, and your thoughts from time to time, and doing things you have to do.

Loving you for everyday things is my priority and I will make it into a habit to stop and think about them at least once a day. Because human bodies are amazing at what they do.

The Not So Obvious Reasons Why I Love You

You've been through a lot. And more often than not have you managed to find the least damaging way of solving problems and moving on.

There were failures, but there were many victories as well. These are the reasons why I love you that are not necessarily known to anyone around.

Loving you is acknowledging the difficult moments of making a decision, overcoming character challenging situations, and sometimes — giving up.

I respect you for not always being strong, because I know how hard you try.

Really, I do.

You lived through every story that you carry in your memory and if you try a bit harder you will be able to recall that it wasn't always an easy journey.

No one will ever see your own struggle as you do, so look back and approve of every step you ever made. Because guess what — you have made it this far and you deserve to cherish yourself for that.

Of course, not everyone's life is a constant battle. But there are situations and people that bring us down from time to time.

Dealing with those in a way that only you can is one of the reasons I love you.

Loving You Is Hard Work

Most of us live in the cage of our own fears and insecurities. Sometimes those cages are spacious enough to fly around and not see any limitations at all.

In other cases the cage of self-doubt would not let you spread your wings, let alone fly.

What do we do then? We melt the cage wires with love.

Loving you is not easy. It is a journey of rises and falls, movement, and inactivity.

But here is the paradox, the simple sincere desire to achieve self-love is already one of the reasons I love you.

That's right, you are worthy of love just for seeing the need to appreciate yourself and doing everything in your power to get there.

It will be messy and there are going to be some people who will fight against you on this path. Just remember that you are heading towards a noble goal and nothing has enough strength to stop you.

Reasons Why I Love You Against All Odds

Have you ever thought that there is nothing worth to love in you? I'm sorry, but you are wrong.

Nobody is perfect. Moreover, the majority of people get themselves into some very dark scenarios from time to time.

News flash: the bad things we do or think do not define us. Yes, it might feel like we are at the end of the road sometimes, but finding light and going towards it no matter what is the best thing you can do.

Give yourself some credit. The reasons why I love you don't center around you being a godlike creature after all.

I am loving you for you, will all your bumps, edges, and darkness. They make you who you are and this is more than enough.

Say it out loud: 'I am enough'.

Having trouble believing that? Turn to your friends, relatives, or love partners and ask for reasons why they love you.

You might hear a lot of things you already knew about, or be completely surprised and see a whole other side of your amazing self.

Once again, loving you is a process and it isn't a very easy one. But you can do it gracefully because after all it's what we are made for.

The Reasons Why I Love You And Everything You Do

If simply being and overcoming difficulties is not enough, think of how you affect the lives of people around you.

The reasons why I love you are not just about who you are, but also about how you use your skills and personality to interact with others.

Surely, there are people who cannot picture their life without you. Ask yourself what do you do to make them keep loving you?

Sometimes it is the simplest things that make hearts melt. Have you ever cooked your significant other their favorite dish? Or said kind words to a friend in time of need?

Perhaps you went the extra mile at work to make someone's life easier. Maybe you did it more than once.

Sincere acts of kindness are beyond worthy because they are usually selfless. By letting goodwill come directly from your heart you don't seek reward.

And this makes up a whole bunch of reasons why I love you.

The Reasons Why I Should Say I Love You More Often

You keep forgetting how incredible you are, I know you do. Running around and completing chores often leaves you too exhausted to even think about self-love.

But hey, loving you doesn't always have to be an elaborate ceremony of selfish appreciation.

Just pause for a moment and tell yourself: 'I see what you do and I know that it is not always easy. I am proud of you and I love you'.

Practice expressing gratitude for basic things and don't forget to keep thanking yourself. You will be surprised how much positive energy comes out of simply allowing yourself to act on reasons why I love you.

Want to go all in and celebrate being yourself? By all means — do it.

Come up with your own little rituals that express loving yourself in the best way possible. Treat yourself to things and activities you like.

Connect with friends and other people that you hold dear to your heart. Bring change into your life to express yourself in new ways. In simple words: live.

And what about the self-love of those who are important to us? What can we do to help them find the reasons to appreciate who they are?

Loving You Is Also About Loving Others

Love is infectious. Plus, what goes around — comes around. This means two things: one, by showing an example of sincere self-adoration you inspire everyone around you to do the same.

And two, once you learn little tricks and techniques to express how loving yourself works, feel free to share them with those who matter.

Take a good look at your parents or your best friend. Do they know how much they matter? Are they living life from the perspective of appreciating themselves?

Remember, that one of the reasons why I love you is that you are perfectly capable of spreading kindness without any agenda? Well, this is your opportunity to shine.

See that someone is adopting hateful behaviors — offer your own help or support them with finding ways to source that magical stream of loving you.

Because the complete opposite of self-love is self-loathing and that one is an ugly beast, full of destructive ideas and thoughts.

Don't let this monster affect your life or anyone else's around you. Teach them the reasons why I love you to see if it helps them power through the darkness.

I Love You And That's All That Matters

There are hundreds of reasons why I love you and you are yet to discover many new ones. What's important is that I am confident to continue this uneasy journey of loving you more and more every day.

Stay yourself, find room to spread your wings, and keep on gifting kindness to the ones who care for you. Love truly is the answer.