Reasons Why An Alpha Female Makes The Best Girlfriend

Reasons Why An Alpha Female Makes The Best Girlfriend

An alpha woman is characterized by a high sense of self-esteem and confidence. This inner sense of harmony and confidence manifests outwardly through a characteristic flair, extraordinary achievements, and self-expression. This makes such a woman appear stunning, in control, and intriguing.

To those whose self-esteem is low, the presence of such a woman will make them feel overpowered. The intrigue of this woman will change to some form of intimidation to those who need a little pampering to realize their worth. However, to men who know their real value, such a woman will be worth the pursuit.

Below are 10 reasons that make such a characteristic female the best girlfriend.

1. She understands the importance of balance in life

Most people strain to achieve a balance in life. This is not so with an alpha female. The balance comes out naturally. She will thus make you improve and balance the various aspects of life. With her, you will not need to put an alarm reminder to alert you when you are supposed to go to the gym. She will just remind you. Such a balance will put a sense of direction in you, and you will both sail to greater heights of accomplishments. Everyone loves success, and thus being with her will increase possibilities.

2. She does everything with passion including loving you

For an alpha female, passion defines what she is. Every aspect of her life is filled with passion. If you fall in love with her or more accurately she falls in love with you, expect to be lavished passionately with love's goodies.

3. She loves to try out new things

She will keep you busy with new and interesting activities. She will try to impress you with a new recipe, a new outfit, and even new sex positions. She will never bore you. With her, each day is a new opportunity to try something new. In her attempt to get the best out of you, she will catapult you to a high sense of self-worth, which is an important catalyst in self-actualization.

4. Challenges make her better

Most people fear and avoid challenges. This is not so with the alpha female. Challenges make her better. She soars in storms of life while the same storms wreck others. She will not complain about difficult circumstances. Instead, she will fight by your side. Therefore if you get a woman like this, count yourself as lucky and work hard to complement her extraordinary abilities.

5. She does not need much love; she needs someone to love

Do you like to be loved? Or do you fear giving out love unsparingly only to receive it sparingly? If you are such a person, then an alpha woman is the best fit for you. She likes to give more than she receives. She feels guilty if she can only receive and not give out. Just go for her. You will receive more love than you can ever ask for.

6. She is aware that she does not know everything

There is a danger of living with a know-it-all person. These kinds of people are quick to argue and slow in verifying facts. They use more of their emotions to justify situations and fewer facts. The alpha female is different. She knows that she doesn't know everything. She seeks to understand the world around her, and she will never assume you. Instead, she will make an effort to understand you since you are part of her dear world.

7. Alpha females rarely give up and will never give up on you

When pressed down, an alpha woman presses up. When pressed between a hard place and rock, she will chargeback and overcome. Her emotions are stable and she does not suffer from emotional fits. She may challenge you to pull up your socks, but she will do that with firmness, not through screams that are common to emotionally unstable people.

If you can't change immediately, she will stand with you, encourage you, until you make up what you are lacking. If you are not up to her standards, she will not give up on you; she will help you to catch up with her.

8. Adventure is part of her

Anything that generates more adrenaline, that excites, and makes her expand her world livens the soul and the spirit in her. With her, you will get to explore new sceneries, visit different places, and tour the world of fun and adventure. Such a soul is every man's wish.

9. Her presence is intriguing

Her presence generates a magical feeling due to the flare and confidence which she moves around with. You will enjoy her presence and always be amazed by the true expression of her in her. Guise and pretense are not part of who she is. What you see is what she is.

10. She is always in the limelight

Her accomplishments and achievements always draw public attention. Her glory and glare from her accomplishments will always make her be on the forefront. She will thus make you recognized and admired by many friends and accomplices. You will stand a better chance of understanding how she successfully cultivates and captivates public admiration. If you are wise, you will use the same skills to push yourself to higher levels of success.

Alpha females are the best girlfriends you will ever have. Her predisposition to success, her never-giving-up attitude and her intriguing self are some of the admirable traits you will get from her. If you have one around, keep her and never let her go.